Book review – Richard Dawkins – ‘The God Delusion’


Last week a pal gave me this book and it was the second opportunity I had to read it. It was interesting re-reading it now I am Jew-wise and pretty much aware of the bigger picture and much more wiser to how Dawkins would fit neatly into JWO (Jew World Order) agenda.

Dawkins claims that he hopes that most people who read it will be converted atheists by the time they come to the end of it. Keep hoping Dawkins. These days I find it increasingly difficult to accept a conventional personal God; an all-loving, benevolent, kind fatherly figure who answers all our prayers. However embracing Dawkins’s philosophy of there being no supernatural/esoteric, no energetic spirit beyond cold matter-based science; to me is ludicrous.

This time, as I was reading his book, I was ‘awake’, I was aware of the sneaky little kosher tricks of predictive programming which inevitably would be implanted throughout this huge best seller. And why was this pile of trash a best seller anyway? Those of us who are aware of how the MSM works, will know that only books ‘they’ want to get pushed out there will sell. Its the exact same for the music industry. This book did not sell like hot cakes on it’s own intellectual and academic merit.

So as I was mindful and detached when reading this pile of nonsense, this time I decided to use a high-lighter marker pen whenever I read anything pertaining to the JWO narrative. The book is now heavily marked with pink high-lighting and my scribbles of disgust such as “Whaa!!” and “BS” cover the margins of the pages.

First off, it’s part of IJ (International Jewry) JWO agenda to take God and ancient spiritual beliefs out of the mindset of the average person. This is in perfect alignment with their satanic agenda and written in their The Meetings of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. One only has to look at the front cover of The God Delusion to notice the red/black satanic symbology. This godless agenda by IJ is to keep the masses in a materialistic and preferably hedonistic mindset. Man is God, man is top of the tree and science can cure all and especially our special science, designed by special elite people. Ohhh yes, science which has been handed down to us by better people will save the day. So we must trust and accept the vaccines and antibiotics they administer to us, Trust the white coats, trust our health clinics and hospitals, because only science and progressive science is the answer to all our woes.

Hence why Dawkins rubbishes homeopathy. Now that will just not do, we can’t have lower people take care of themselves, WE better people have to have control over your health/life. How dare you even think of self-empowerment. How dare you turn your back on our high priests in their white coats and our new golden religion – SCIENCE.

All the way through the book, I was trying to give Dawkins the benefit of the doubt. Trying to compensate as I often do when talking to these high-brow toffs (this old-fashioned terms toff comes from the phrase toffy nose snobs). I sometimes think to myself – they do not know any better. They are just products of their elitists environment. How could they know better, when they are also just cogs in the machine…..just like most of us serfs. All they are doing is playing the role that they have been well-trained to play. Acting out within their programming.

So some of the painfully ignorant comments by Dawkins I compensated for. But perhaps I shouldn’t be making excuses for him. After all he is supposed to be a renowned critical thinker, with access to a wealth of ‘independently’ researched knowledge. But no – it’s not independent at all, just more of garbage in – garbage out. Just another repeater of the system and that is as far as my compensation for him goes.

After all, I could get conspiratorial about him and suggest that he is CONSCIOUSLY all part of the agenda. That he is DELIBERATELY propagating the whole ‘Agenda 21’ message. Well he is promoting this message; but I think we will never know if he is doing it through his conditioned programming, or deliberately as part of his elitist mindset.

I’m even open to the concept that like many of these front men/women, it could be a combination of both. They enjoy the kudos, the fame, the perks; and good old cognitive dissonance kicks in to suit a certain privileged lifestyle. So their beliefs and conSCIENCE gets compromised. This may well be the case with Dawkins.

It would take a month of Sundays to review this 374 page ‘best seller’ from a Truthing perspective. So here are some of the areas that rang alarm bells with me and where I marked out with my pink high-lighter pen:

  • He believes both the ‘official’ 9/11 and London 7/7 JMSM narratives – yet claims not to believe in fairy tales. (the only excuse I will give him is the book came out in 2006 and like many of us, he may not have woken up at that stage). But where he rubs salt in, is when he claims that the government and the media are conspiring to cover up the fact that it isn’t religion behind these terror attacks. Whaa!! What a perverted twisted outlook. Is Dawkins just obsessed with his hate-religion theme, or is he just muddying the water to further add confusion to the ignorant readers??
  • As mentioned, he rubbishes homeopathy several times, claiming it is simply placebo effect. Even though people and animals who are unaware they are taking it, repeatedly have successful cures from it. Dawkins attacks on homeopathy ties in neatly with the IJ’s big pharma wanting to decimate the name of homeopathy. Yet he promotes vaccines and antibiotics, as well as the filthy demonic vivisection industry.
  • He is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest promoters of Darwinism. Another social engineering meme pushed out there by the elite controllers of this agenda.
  • Throughout the book he repeatedly knocks Christianity and Islam – mmhhh interesting. Now who would want to knock these two religions? Arrhhh the JWO.
  • His favorite colleague who he quotes often in this book is Sam Harris, a zionist Jew. Again Harris slams Islam giving the perception of Islam being made up of fundamental extremists.
  • Dawkins is pro-gay rights movements and the whole gay pride brigade and uses it as another stick to slap Christianity with. (again to give him allowance, he may not realise that many of these Christian groups with their ‘hate gays’ demos are instigated by IJ). He states on page 338 “The Gay Pride movement, fortunately suffers from no false modesty, which maybe why it succeeded.” (The false modesty was in reference to the ‘Brights’ atheist campaign). What Dawkins fails to mention is it is IJ who is promoting, pushing and of course funding this gay agenda onto society to break up the family and as part of their satanic agenda.
  • He intermittently promotes ‘eminent’ Jews such as The Nobel Prize Winning Steven Weinberg. And has eminent Jewish buddies, such as his friend Robert Winston the respected pillar of British Jewry. He could have even deliberately planted these comments as code, a nod to the Jewish community to inform them which side he is on; even though this books stinks of Jewish bias.
  • He cusses profoundly the old testament; pushing the message out as it being Christian scripture. Most of the ignorant public picking this book off the best seller shelf will not have a clue that the OT is in fact the first five books of the JEWISH Torah. I notice also that Dawkins conveniently doesn’t include some of the filth directly from the Torah and especially the Babylonian Talmud about pedophilia and anti-gentile rhetoric. Again I refuse to believe that he has done comprehensive research on the subject of religion without stumbling across the Talmudic writings.
  • He aptly pushes the anti-Islamic BS about how Muslims over-reacted in hatred to the cartoons of Mohammed in Denmark. Anyone even half awake will know this event was clearly another kosher scam to get the public’s perception to see Muslims as extremists.
  • He sings the Nazi invasion of Poland, the holocaust narrative/myth and the Nuremburg trial (which were not trials at all, but another IJ scam, an inverted perception to the world) – as expected of course. He pushes the theme as Hitler being a Christian, and how his Munich speech in 1922 made reference to the bible, in that Hitler used the term “Brood of vipers”. Of course this is true and why would Hitler not mention this(?) But of course to an uneducated, ignorant of Truth audience who this book is presented to, this will just be another nail in the evil nasty Nazi coffin. Dawkins makes innumerable Hitler-bashing references (about 15 times). Now let’s think – just who would benefit from this tiresome rhetoric??
  • Alongside his constant Hitler-bashing, he also promotes the standardized propaganda that Winston Churchill and Eisenhower were the good guys fighting those nasty Nazis – ha, if it wasn’t so serious.
  • Saddam Hussein was also another evil man in Dawkins eyes. I’m not saying Hussein had a halo on his head, as he also played into the JWO agenda to a degree; but it’s all part of the IJ terrorists theme.
  • He makes a reference in favor of Eric Rothschild in a court case (page 133)
  • Likewise he makes a reference in favor of the American geneticist Jerry Coyne (page 133)
  • Irritatingly he states that academia and intelligence run hand in hand with atheism. This is nothing more than arrogant perversion of the Truth. This is simply not true. What Dawkins is referencing, is the in-club type of academia. Not real critical thinkers who are not accepted in this high-brow selected judaic-controlled arena. Most of the pure independent science such as free energy and natural health, pertaining outside the main stream is very much spiritually based, at a consciousness level. At levels way beyond the likes of Dawkins’s school boy science.
  • He highly promotes his good pal David sellout Attenborough. These toffs like to promote their own. They’re all in the same big boys club. Attenborough is all about ‘Agenda 21’ – nature is above mankind and because there are too may of us (plebs) we have global warming, or is it global cooling, or is it climate change?? But anyway, there are far too many of us ruining nature. So the surfs will just have to go, not these toffs and their family of course, not the better people.
  • He makes reference in respect of Audous Huxley – another pioneering formidable player in the eugenics agenda.
  • He makes a positive reference to Geza Vermes Professor of Jewish Studies at Oxford University (page 206); and how this ‘professor’ suggests Jesus was just a mythological legend. Maybe this professor is correct, maybe we will never know. But isn’t it just convenient how a professor of Jewish Studies denies Jesus even existed – and probably gets a nicely paid comfortable career out of it too. All fitting in very neatly with the Jews anti-Christianity agenda.
  • He holds a pro police stance and suggests how anarchy will set in without the police state controlling us (page 228). Dawkins has no idea of the real meaning of the word anarchy. Anyway, society needs short-term frictional disturbance within any resistance to a tyrannical state. How can there be a lovely smooth transitional escape from a tyrannical govern-ment(?) [control-mind = mind control]. He quotes from H. L. Mencken “People say we need religion, when what they really mean is we need police.” FUCK OFF!
  • He also pushes the JMSM’s evil Taliban theme
  • Dawkins repeatedly accuses Christians as labeling the poor victimized Jews as “Christ-killers” and talks of how generations of Jews were victims of pogroms and persecution. Ohhhh – doesn’t it make you wana puke. Yes these poor people (ancestors of friends of Dawkins) having always been the victim 109 f**k’n times throughout history. Never their own doing, never the character of the Jew, always the host country’s fault – every single historical event.
  • He also blames the problems in Northern Ireland directly on divisions in Christianity and is ignorant of IJ behind the curtain constantly aggravating the problems.
  • He quotes Peter Singer in good light. Singer is another controlled opposition sellout for the animal rights movement. After stringing people along for decades, Singer ends up acknowledging vivisection as necessary science! How convenient. Where have we seen this type of tactic being used before in movements(?)
  • He also conveniently fails to mention Stalin was another player of IJ communism.
  • Again he goes along with the poor victim Jew narrative by bringing up the apparent kidnapping of a six year old Edgardo Mortara of Jewish parents (page 311). And how the cruel Christians baptized him, therefore making him one of those evil Christians. And also accused the Catholic church of acting just like the Nazis because the Civilta Cattolica dismissed the story explaining the story had been over embellished by rich international Jews (which it probably had been).
  • He also knocks the Christian Amish community in America. Referencing them to being almost backwards, non-progressive. And accusing the community of a type of child abuse because they have not embraced the perversions of modern day judaic/satanic materialistic life with vaccines and antibiotics. If I was forced to give my child away, I would be happier for it to grow up within this community than this perverted modern day life with its iphones, tablets, junk food, poisonous medication, materialism and Jewelian propaganda.
  • He stated on page 337 “My daily newspaper The Independent”. Now I accept he wrote this before 2006, but who in their right mind reads the JMSM papers for real unbiased information if they have any level of credibility as a researcher(?) Ha The Independent, that’s an oxymoron.
  • He accuses Tony Blair and George Bush of being Christians – ha ha ha. Oh dear Dawkins, good try. I refuse to believe you are that stupid. By accusing both Blair and Bush of being Christians, he ticks many boxes: not only is it yet another nail in the box of Christianity (on behalf of the Jews), but sells his non-religion book, but lets the JCN off the hook of their involvement in international criminality (more deception).



Honestly there is so much in this diatribe of book from a Truth-seeker perspective, it is difficult to know what not to mention. As you can see every one of these points dovetails neatly into the JWO agenda. I could have brought up so many more points, all cross referencing each other. But I hope this gives an overview of what this pile of trash is all about.



In conclusion

As much as I found it stimulating; it is nothing more than utter bollocks; written by a one-tracked Oxbridge toff who is up himself. I’m not a fan of any one religion and as much as I agree with the hypocrisy threaded throughout many of the religions of the world; I feel the man is so cock sure of himself and is as arrogant with his religion of science as some of the high priests he vilifies.

Either the man is just another educated idiot who has fallen for the prestige of his position and the religion of the JWO version of science; or he is just another pawn in the JWO agenda?? I don’t know if we’ll ever know. But what I do know is this man and his ridiculous high-brow ramblings are definitely NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

It always gives me a nice feeling inside when I see so many copies of this piece of literate garbage in second hand charity shops; in that it gives me hope that deep down, the public can intuitively sense trash and propaganda when they see it.


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  1. BMan

     /  August 5, 2013

    Nicely done. I never could bring myself to read the book… I had seen so much of his smarmiest moments in video, I was turned off.

    All religions have done wrong and evil things. None are wonderful.

    But when someone goes out of their way ignoring the Jews, or worse, defending them at every instance, tells me there is a cover-up going on, since Judaism/Zionism/Marxism is the most murderous, despicable “religion” to have ever been on this planet.

  2. I live in upstate NY and i can say without a doubt that the Amish have very little genetic diversity going on. You just have to look at them… strong family resemblance throughout… and they all own their own land and property and are left alone by local police.

    Something else that escapes attention is where there is a high population of Amish residents, absent from the local laws are all the zoning constrictions that keep up goyem in constraints… and taxes are low. I know because i almost purchased property in Prattsburg, NY because you can build an addition on your property without ever having to pull a building permit… now that can either sound like heaven, or a set up… and knowing what we know, i’ll bet it is a set up.

    Just like the Puritans were the jews seeking religious freedom here in the colonies pretty quickly devolved to burning witches… something is up with the Amish… like they are the arm of judaism that keeps the knowledge of farming… or something. I don’t have all the answers, but this is worth examination, for sure. Friends of man, perhaps, but who do they consider man… and what do they do with all their idiot children? Because, certainly, they have them.

    • Thank you again Wanda. I am ignorant really of the Amish community. Thanks for enlightening me/us.

  3. mitra108

     /  August 7, 2013

    I hope you don’t mind me to comment on your revealing book review. I see you, as open, non sectarian truth seeker. Anyhow this line caught my eye:

    ”These days I find it increasingly difficult to accept a conventional personal God; an all-loving, benevolent, kind fatherly figure who answers all our prayers.”

    my reply:
    This concept of Divinity and understanding of God is based on Christian Theology, and that is very simplified theism, intended for common man. By this concept, one sees God as a type of Father figure, who judges us, as well as endows or punishes us, according to our good or bad deeds. This is not concept of God, according to Vedic knowledge. In short, God is not our servant, tending to our needs etc., although he is all-loving.
    For that he has others who take care of that aspect in his creation.

    As I have noticed, you like to take inspiration from Vedic spiritual tradition, at least the consciousness aspect. I, as a student of this tradition, know that Vedic teachings clearly state, that there is a personal God or Ishwara, who is Supreme Person, know by name Vishnu, Narayana, Krishna, Rama, and his many other direct expansions. And there is also Supersoul, his localised expansion, as well as his impersonal spiritual energy, called Brahman. To understand this, requires to begin with some faith and study with learned, spiritually realised teacher. Here we have to understand that we are dealing with substance that is far beyond our capacity of our intellect to grasp. It’s even more subtle than our consciousness or our soul’s substance. Therefore let us stay open…

    BTW., I’m not member of any cult or sect.

    • Dear Mitra,

      Thank you for such an inspiring contribution. Just we all need in these times. I’m just a flip-flopper 🙂

      Please feel to make any further contributions to DFT.

  4. Gwaredd Thomas

     /  November 6, 2016

    Greetings Digger,

    It may be that Dawkins is more like an upper-middle brow toff.

    Cymru am byth!


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