“A fracking nightmare”


Yet again, nobody mentions the “J” word throughout this demo. Typical of all demonstrations; it’s always ‘the government’, ‘the politicians’, ‘the system’. None of them have a clue who is driving all of this evil and demonic destruction. If we don’t talk about the main antagonist behind all this insanity, we will never stop it. Just keep playing your drums and strumming your guitars in the sun, never address the reality.

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  1. Deadbeat

     /  August 6, 2013

    The “J” word is the elephant in the room. Guaranteed that many of these “protesters” are “J’s” themselves playing both sides of the political issue in order to control the discourse and opposition.

    • 100% agree Deadbeat! They always have to control the goy’s activities. The red team and the blue team. Lots of meetings, lots of discussion, lots of powerful speeches, lots of great activity – then the agenda goes ahead anyway, or gets displaced elsewhere. Works a treat every-single-time.

      • russ hook

         /  August 7, 2013

        Thanx D&D, lol I was just thinking earlier today about that HUGE elephant sitting in the room that Arthur Cristian of loverforlife.com.au seems to not be able to see . Thanx for reminding me about it. I emailed digger my comments about it. Artie sez I have the quote , FOULNESS, and DEMON POSSESSION b/c I asked him if he is a JEW? The biggest problem that I see with the average joe not believing that PSYCHOPATHS rule and do the most despicable activities behind closed doors is that this EVIL thought process is ALIEN to them. Then I ask myself why I have no trouble getting it?!? (;

  1. Forbidden News » “A fracking nightmare”
  2. “A fracking nightmare”

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