10 Step Action Plan to Beat the JWO



This is more of an update from previous posts on the subject of solutions. Therefore many of these points overlap previous essays along this theme.



1/. Clean up

This has to be our first step.

Therefore this had to the number one item on the list.

We cannot even think about taking on this beast if we are still clinging to our addictions. The additions IJ (international Jewry) has imposed on us – which we have fully accepted…….it’s all about offer and acceptance. We have chosen, we have accepted the poisons and pollution they have offered us. So no complaining from us, we simply have to stop accepting and embracing the beast’s sweet poisons.

The amount of people I know who claim to be involved in the Truth movement who are complaining about how ‘they’ are poisoning us with chemtrails and fluoridation of the water and fracking, etc – yet just look at how these same people are CHOOSING to self-poison their bodies every single day….its incredible.

I have lost count of the meet ups I have been to where I am around people who are slurring at the end of the night through intoxication (either puff or booze). These people are full of talk about what they ‘intend’ to do. This is what these poisons do, they make people into non-productive apathetic cowards. All talk and no action.

And no private Truth meetings should ever be held in environments where people are on alcohol or splif/weed.


It’s time to get off the booze addiction

It’s time to get off the puff addiction

It’s time to get off the porn addiction

It’s time to get off the gambling addiction

It’s time to get off the TV addiction

It’s time to get off the junk/GM frankenfood addiction


It’s time to get self-disciplined. It’s time to stop hiding behind intoxicants. It’s time to face reality. It’s time to clean up.



2/. Get active 

(i) Propagate

We can do all the complaining we like, but we know it won’t get us anywhere. Anything in life we want done, we want fixed – we have to get off our arse and fix it. It ain’t rocket science. It’s obvious. Yet 95%+ of us who are awake just seem to moan, moan, moan and do not DO. It’s only in doing are we going to make the difference. And part of that doing means getting the word out to NEW BLOOD beyond the choir. Every-single-day.

Play a little mind game with yourself that you set a standard of not going home at the end of the day, unless you’ve directly spoken to 6 people about this agenda. Create excuses to engage in conversation with people about anything – their dog, their car, their skateboard …..then at the end simply hand them a flier with websites and films. It’s that easy. And it gets easier the more you do it.

It’s a numbers game. We have to get the numbers to migrate to our side. No matter how tough it is. We just have to. It’s partially our fault that people are not awake. WE have to get more people awake. It’s our responsibility to get at least 15% of the populace woken up to this agenda. There really is no choice in this. This is our spiritual and ethical responsibility.



(ii) Resist

Likewise. Those of in the know. Cannot just spend our time getting the word out; yet then comply to all of this nonsense. We just cannot acquiesce to tyranny. It has to be a case of thanks, but no thanks. We have to begin the process of having inconvenience (hassle) in our lives from these bureaucrats of presumed authority. It’s laughable if we think we are going to have a uniquely smooth transition out of a tyrannical enslavement. We have to accept we are all going to have some levels of hassle along the way. That’s the only way freedoms have ever come about. Other people have suffered and made personal sacrifices for the limited freedoms which we now enjoy.

We don’t have to be reckless and egotistical about this and try to take everything on. But we have to do our bit of resistance. Be have to start being naughty little slaves, we have to start being bloody awkward. That “NO” word has to start coming out of our mouths more and more often. At work, domestically, socially. On every level NO – NO – NO – NO – NO. Enough of this crap.

We have to all acknowledge that we should not be slaves, that we are not PERSONs/vessels. We are living beings, natural men and women; not fictional entities to slave for this beast. Nobody has authority over you ……..unless you allow them to have authority over you. Why on earth should we sign and consent our autonomy away to criminals?? Nobody has the right to parasite off of us.

Our freedom is THE most precious possession we possess; therefore we have to ACT on this information. This is not entertainment. This is not a just a stimulating hobby.



3/. MO

What’s our goal plan? Where the hell are we going – are we going to hell? If we don’t have a focused direction, how on earth can we expect things to really improve for the better(?) I don’t mean vague outlines of not having a police state, or talk of global peace. But a detailed and specific personal and collective Modus Operandi for a real spiritual evolution. Tangible dot-to-dot forward direction towards where we want to end up. And specifics on where exactly we want to end up.

What is it EXACTLY that we want? Are we really thinking along these lines, or are we just trundling along constantly reacting to whatever they throw at us? Where is our architectural mind in all this? Hadn’t we ought to get our act together and sort this out(?) To do this we need some serious reflection time – we have to keep asking ourselves these vital questions: “What do we want?” “What is our MO?” Where do we want/need to end up?”

Without a detailed plan, without a specific map, we will never achieve anything other than short term spurts of resistance.



4/. Keep informed 

(i) Locally

Keep an eye on what is going on in your backyard. It is your responsibility to be aware of the sneaky incremental activities these so-called better people are imposing opon us. More CCTV cameras, more parking meters, more local legislation. They are crafty buggers, so we have to accept things will happen by stealth (deception). It’s our fault if we allow this deception to happen, we are the fools if we allow ourselves to be fooled.

For example a simple public playing field (common land) suddenly gets a fence put round it – so we should be automatically asking ourselves “What is this about? Is it for our social benefit?” NO of course not, it never is. It is about a stealth law that when a fence is put around land, it instigates a claim of ownership, that in 10 years the public field can be sold off allowing developers to build on it.

So we need to be mindful of his evil encroaching within our own environment.



(ii) Globally

We also need to be aware of what is going on in the www. But being mindful in a detached way. Most people I know (including myself at times) get embroiled in the fear. Watching endless hours of scary videos. How much good is this really doing us? I would suggest the beast almost wants us to be watching these images; because it (they) knows we end up just freezing like animals in the car headlights. Locked in fear-based apathy. So detachment is the secret of any fighting method, be it in martial arts or on the battleground. Knowing, being mindfully aware; but objective enough to take action by RESPONDING with sufficient knowledge, not REACTING or freezing up out of fear.

Easy said than done though. But this is where the spiritual side is so important.



5/. Down tools

These days when I hear about people’s businesses failing and people struggling financially, there is a part of me that says “GOOD!” I know that sounds nasty. But this response it is just pure unadulterated non-emotional logic. EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS HAS TO FAIL……before we snap out of our selfish slumber. In fact we should be pretty much doing everything in our way to make them fail – no longer the happy slave conditioning, time to down tools.

I know we have to survive and feed our families, but I’m really taking about the me me me my precious selfish business ventures. For 99% of people its all about me. Nobody really is bothered about the bigger picture, about working for us all, for altruistic means.

It is only until 95% if not all of the shops in our high street are closed down will the stupified selfish masses suddenly wake up and say “What’s happened?”. Only until they are personally affected will they get it. I know this is harsh, but it unfortunately is the only way for us to spiritually wake up. Time to de-selfish society.

So we should not be in a mindset of work work work, keep rambling along in our cozy little slave position, whilst the rest of the world deeply suffers. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. We have to turn our backs on this filthy mammon existence. We have to try as hard as we can to put our whole consciousness towards getting away from this usury-based monster.

We have to outright reject this happy slave mind control.



6/. Accurate Truthing

Aren’t we supposed to be in the Truth movement? Then hadn’t we ought to start being a bit more honest with the information we resonate with!? Hadn’t we dare to really look at what and specifically WHO is behind all this carnage??

If we are not repeatedly, consistently saying that little word beginning with J and ending in W then we may as well pack up and join the rest of the comatised sheople. Because if we are not shouting out loud and outing the big bad JEW, then we are just a nuisance getting in the way of the Truth. Any other labels other than JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW we are part of the problem and not the solution.

Of course we can say International Jewry, The Jew World Order, Zionist Elite Organised Supremacist Jews, Jewish Criminal Network, whatever – but we absolutely at this stage in the game must be naming the main antagonists of this cruel drama.

No more: it’s the Jesuits, it’s the Illuminati, it’s the banksters, it’s the globalists, it’s the international cartels – ad infinitum.

We can no longer afford to linger around comfortable Truth, because this agenda is too damn serious to be playing avoidnce games.



7/. Support others

Ok so for whatever reasons at present you feel you cannot do as much as you would like to do. Through genuine reasons, or through fear. But what you can do is support those of us who are. There are numerable ways you can do this: emotional support, financially, minor activities, such as ordering fliers, designing fliers, guillotining fliers, burning DVDs. Offering to bail out friends who have been slung in a police cell. Being there for them when they get out. Helping to research specific information to help them with their case. Attending court with them.

Just asking that simple question …..”Is there anything I can do for you?” or “Is there any way I can help?”. But not just saying it – meaning it and following through with it.

Not just say “Ohh good luck with that then” and f**k off for weeks at time and come back when the coast is clear. Shame on you if you do that. We are all in this together. What some of us are going through now, you too will be going through down the line. So we need solidarity/camaraderie – just like the Jews will always support a tribe member.

Never desert someone who is willing to stick their neck out to fight this beast.



8/. Embrace spirituality

Time for us to acknowledge and embrace consciousness. This is the key point of all of this agenda, because we are in a spiritual war and specifically an energetic war. The dark/negative energy verses the Light – tis that simple. Whatever our personal labels, this is ultimately what we are facing and it always has been. Light vs darkness ~ benevolence vs malevolence ~ goodness vs evil. It’s helpful to keep it simple.

So it is practical for us to look at this whole agenda in terms of ‘IT’ rather than ‘them’. Once we do this, it will allow us to detach more and see the bigger picture. Stop us from falling for traps. Traps of ego and identity and selfishly just batting for our side. It always has to be the bigger picture. We are a tiny tiny speck in this whole universe and look at us with our petty identities.

Embracing spirituality and specifically consciousness will allow us to take on board our responsibilities in all this mess. We too have played our roles in bringing the world into this state. So spiritually speaking/thinking we ought to begin to look at fundamental principles of what goodness, Light and benevolence really means.

Elements such as altruism/selflessness, kindness, compassion for ALL sentient beings, core values beyond mammon, long-term benefits for all. Constantly asking ourselves “How are my actions and non-actions affecting others?”

Our purpose in life is twofold: to connect up to the main grid (go within/The Divine) and to serve others. That’s it. It’s not about our selfish desires, our egos. That’s where we’ve gone wrong.

Consciousness is the only way to escape this relentless suffering and cruelty; the master key out of this mental asylum.



9/. Keep the hatred and revenge out

All of these points are interdependent. Obviously this point is linked in with spirituality as they all are. We all get damn frustrated with this insanity – on a global scale, local events and on a personal level. How could we not(?) We are bound to get angry with the beast and those who impose the beast’s evil. However we must try hard and be disciplined.

‘IF’ we accept this is an energetic war. Then what would this dark energy want more than for us to be locked up in anger and hatred because of it. This is exactly what ‘it’ would want.  For sure we cannot ignore it. But we have to try hard to detach. This is fighting smart. This allows us to have tenacity in the fight. I have seen so many well-meaning warriors burn out through hatred and revenge. The beast has destroyed them from the inside out on a cellular level, on an energetic level; because this is all about the battle of energies.

We can fight hard, with lots of power, tenacity, thrust and energy – but we have to be objective and fight with intelligence, backed up with spiritual wisdom.



10/. Stay within natural laws

There is ultimately only one route, one choice with all of this fear and confusion – and that is to just to do what is right. It really does come down to that level of simplicity. And how do we know what is right? We just do. To innately know what is right…..that’s if we allow ourselves to listen to our inner voice, our intuition. We don’t need any special middle men, or even holy books; we just need to go within and trust our trilogy (head, heart and gut feeling). All the deeper answers to get out of this insanity are within.

We don’t have to accept these imposed laws by our slave masters, as we’re our own sovereign beings, natural living men and women working within nature’s law. We know all these never-ending legislation, rules, acts and statutes are artificial and transient in the bigger scheme of things. So why do we conform to what we know is evil and demonic? It can only be Pavlovian conditioning through fear.

Likewise our day-to-day purchases must not also go against nature. It’s tough these days not purchasing items which have not being de-natured at some level. But we should make the effort. Trying to avoid supermarkets and commercial outlets. Try to purchase clothes which are second hand and food shopping from local produce/markets.

We should try and avoid nature-destroying products for our home and personal care. We must respect nature and natural laws. This is the essence of true spirituality.




1/. Clean up

2/. Get active: (i)Propagate   (ii)Resist

3/. MO

4/. Keep informed: (i)Locally  (ii)Globally

5/. Down tools

6/. Accurate truthing

7/. Support others

8/. Embrace spirituality

9/. Keep the hatred and revenge out

10/. Stay within natural laws



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  1. Steve

     /  August 8, 2013

    Absolutely spot on mate! Thanks.

  2. BOnele1982

     /  August 10, 2015

    [1] “Keep the hatred and revenge out”
    Why? It’s part of Nature’s armory for self-preservation isn’t it? Or do you think we should coo to our predators and hope they’re nice to us? The appearance of weakness always provokes aggression (as a Jewish financial analyst remarked, somewhat coolly). We are in an existential struggle. Spirituality on its own won’t do anything, it isn’t recognised and affirmed by Nature as a qualification for survival is it? On the contrary I think it was Professor Brian Sykes who quoted in one of his books a saying that excess spirituality is the mark of a vanquished people.

    Check out this 10 year old podcast at 17.45 onwards concerning the term “hate” where they consider word definition generally and framing the discussion:

    [audio src="http://www.goyfire.com/broadcasts/GoyFire_5a.mp3" /]

    Ultimately I predict violence, either against or by us, since political solutions are non-existent and violence is always the final outcome. That’s how it played out in the Soviet Union.

    [2] But I’d like to repeat this about psycopathy, discussion of which abnormality mysteriously recurs from time to time without practical implementation:

    “Petition Parliament to revise electoral candidate vetting procedures so as to ban from standing in any election and render ineligible for office, etc, all persons who exhibit material signs of psycopathy in a standardised clinical test.
    This would have the advantages of

    1) probably excluding from office as MPs nearly all people who would have a propensity to be blackmailed on account of past misdeeds or some past ‘Panama’ of sufficient gravity that only a psycopath could have committed the act giving rise to the risk of blackmail in the first place.
    Thus political acts such as wars which do not further the interests of the UK and domestic policies such as mass immigration both legal and illegal all of which do not benefit the home population would very probably not be pursued any more.

    2) not singling out for exclusion any particular racial, national, ethnic or other group (e.g. members of secret societies, or groups based on gender or sexual orientation-based). No group could plausibly claim exclusion from politics on the grounds its prospective candidates are all clinical psycopaths!

    3) equally, making it hard for the Establishment to reject a call for clinically proven psycopaths to be barred from holding office!

    It might be argued that extreme circumstances such as war might require a near-psycopathic temperament in the leading elite, but even if this were true, it is less of a danger than the current arrangements.

    Proof of concept would involve taking professional opinion of suitably qualified clinical personnel. A comment elsewhere which I did not record suggested the clinical test might involve electronic monitoring and recording of eye movements / pupil size on viewing a series of projected images, some depicting pleasant scenes and others depicting scenes of repulsive barbarity. Those not reacting with horror to the negative images would be excluded from standing. Changes in pupil dilation are involuntary so the tests couldn’t be faked.
    No doubt other suitable means of testing are already known.”

    (I’ve since listened to a John de Nugent discussion from 2008 in which he refers to psycopaths’ brain scans not showing typical activity of response to images of the kind described so here’s betting there is in existence tried and accurate technology of diagnosis).

    [3] my post on WS in its article on Camp of the Saints and the Calais (etc) ‘migrant’ crisis. This may not be your cup of tea but demographics are ultimately what it’s all about I’m afraid; as I said above, we are in an EXISTENTIAL struggle. (No, I don’t support the bombing of Libya into the Stone Age, the occupation and pillage of Iraq, etc etc, and the causes are too many and varied to debate here but the bottom line is: this is invasion, which indicates the ultimate cessation of your line).

    “1. email your MP, MEP, local councillor, stating your views, and confirming YOU DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS INVASION (for that is what it is), possibly linking to some of the numerous videos now on YouTube showing invaders forcing lorries at Calais, threatening drivers, etc and demonstrating they are preponderantly young males, apparently fit and in good physical shape. You may object that this is a waste of time, but it confirms YOU DO NOT CONSENT. It is on the record for the future. Remember to print out messages and any replies. Consider re-sending in 6-12 months’ time after first dispatching if nothing changes in the news reports.

    2. if there are any police liaison committees or other ad hoc police/public consultative bodies in your area, go to one of their meetings and ask some questions, like (i) why are foreign beggars on the streets, busking, rough sleeping etc, while the authorities PERMIT this state of affairs; (ii) why are police not seen on the streets checking their identity / residence permits? If police object and say this is the work of the Border Agency, surely a reply is police still have the obligation to check suspicious behaviour in the ordinary course.
    You could also ask – let’s be brazen – if police have received orders from government not to investigate buskers, traders, rough sleepers, casual workers etc etc. Get their reply spoken on the record. Take note of names. A few years ago any notion of Government connivance would have been considered unthinkable, but post-Rotherham, Rochdale etc etc, it is not, in fact quite the opposite.

    Regarding this latter, I personally am now of the opinion that by means of uncontrolled immigration, both legal and illegal, there is clear evidence that Government in the UK is purposefully facilitating subversion, atomisation and disruption of society so it presents less resistance to the next phases of ‘change’. (Like the prisons being opened and disgorging their inmates to run amok in the French Revolution). How else do you explain the background circumstances described in this next article?


    In the following article, the writer states (heading) “Cameron isn’t serious about getting immigration down. He has cut the border staff by 25%”


    I looked for corroboration regarding the 25% cut statement and so far cannot find it, but the evidence of connivance at what amounts to invasion is plain to see.

    3. Stop using the vocabulary of the predators who seek to destroy you. Words like “migrant” have been purposefully crafted and injected over time into the media narrative in order to frame any discussion and indeed limit the preceding thought processes. They say “migrant” instead of “immigrant” because the latter effectively states the person is arriving IN, i.e. suggests a permanent move inwards, whereas ‘migrant’ sort of implies desert wanderers roaming nonchalantly from place to place, and so moving OUT as well – impermanent. Quite the opposite of reality.
    If you use the terminology of the subverters that is impressed with their concepts, then you adopt those concepts, and consciously or otherwise, accept and validate them.

    4. If some local amenity project is to receive the benefit of a grant from the Proceeds of Crime Act funds, ask those responsible why the money is not being spent on performing the prime obligation of government, which is securing the borders, and controlling who enters and leaves the country.

    5. open a file on your computer and log in it the url of very article and video that you see from time to time that documents current events concerning immigration, asylum claims, Government policy and related. Then post its contents on blogs, on usenet groups, in chat rooms, and print and post to your MP with or without a cover letter. Repeat periodically as the file grows, so you document and publicise the unfolding acts of treason.

    6. Close your mind to all expressions of opposition and hostility to your actions. Simply disregard them. If you absolutely feel constrained to respond to attack words like racist, hater etc (words whose only purpose is to extinguish discussion), demand that your opponent explains what he or she means by the use of such words. Turn the question round and get them on the back foot. Search for websites that provide standard explanations / responses to such attack words and study them, so you don’t have to learn from the ground up how to deal successfully with people who likely are for the most part just ‘professional’ agitators.”

    I congratulate you for including a solutions page. Too many sites are obsessed with nothing but redefining the problem or providing entertainment or dare I say it, comfort and comradeship. But these are distractions and sap energy.

  1. Forbidden News » a crackin job

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