Tripod Analysis

As my creative IT skills are weak, I invite you to grab a piece of paper and pen in order to sketch a basic diagram to help explain to you this analysis more easily.

First draw an equilateral triangle with the base being about 50 mm/5 cm (2 inches).

Then draw a circle at each point of the triangle, about the size of a penny/dime. So there are three circles in total, all projecting outwards from each point of the triangle.

Then circumvent the three circles and triangle (the whole sketch) with a larger circle (it does not matter if this large circle touches the three circles or not).

Now draw a significant dot in any one of the three smaller circles.

Next label inside each smaller circle the following: the circle with the dot, write inside or to side of “I-B”, then the other two circles with “Us” and “IJ+” respectively.

Now allow me to explain this diagram. This represents how I crudely see this whole agenda at present. The three significant components which make up this whole agenda.

The “IJ+” circle represents International Jewry. The + representing their minions directly working for them. The sellout such as Blair, Obama, Bush, etc. There are all sorts of ways of describing ‘the Jews’, but of lately I have borrowed this term from Eustace Mullins, as I feel it sums up the whole JWO accurately. I have gone through phases of describing the JWO such as PPPs – Psychotic Parasitic Predators, JCN – Jewish Criminal Network, or ZEOS – Zionist Elite Organised Supremacists (Jews). But ultimately I am trying to describe the Jewish collective ideology; the meme, the construct of Judaism. This meme is really the main actor on the world stage, playing the role of the antagonist. Always instigating trouble. Behind every stone one will find this devious character. Always desperately needing to be in control, manipulating and subverting. Causing havoc, chaos and disaster. Judaism to me is nothing more than organised demonic insanity, cruelty and destruction.

Secondly within the “Us” circle it literally means us; you and me. We the people. You know, the ones always moaning about our problems with only 1% of us willing to actually stick our necks out and do something about it. The US is the masses, the gullible goy, the populace.

US – who complain about how the government are always fleecing us, yet we go about our business fleecing each other. US – who moan about how oppressed we are, yet keep our fellow brothers and sisters in bondage and slavery. US – who windge all the time about how let down we are by the powers to be and our governing authorities or God and yet we won’t lift a finger to help and protect ourselves, and offer solidarity and camaraderie to those of us who are trying to do something about our enslavement. You know us lot.

Then in the third circle, the “I-B In-Betweeners”, this area represents all those traitorous sellouts who are actively supporting this demonic oppressive tyranny. The military, the council officials, the media, the debt collectors and bailiffs, the judges, the traffic wardens, the social services – ad finitum.

And of course we cannot forget the role of the police in all of this. Hence the dark black stain in the middle of all this. The black dot representing the police. These had to be isolated as a special case, for it is the police who really are the lynch pin in all of this. Yes the military are doing some serious damage, as are the bureaucrats and media; but it is the police who are directly protecting these criminals. Had it not been for the police protecting all these villains; the logistics, the mechanics of this evil machine would no longer be operational.

And finally the circumventing large circle represents the dark demonic force/energy which affects this trilogy. All three areas have been directly and indirectly, consciously and subconsciously affected by evil. With each person having made a choice to do what they do. Each playing their role on this world stage. Their willful ignorance, through their daily actions and inactions. All a choice.

Of course there are many aspects to this agenda, some very complex. But these days I see it all boiled down to these three areas – this is my tripod analysis of the whole tyrannical demonic agenda.

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  1. aj

     /  August 3, 2013

    Very interesting, Digger. will study on it. great to have you back and hope all is well.

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