Guardians of dharma


“They are not following dharma who resort to violence to achieve their purpose. But those who lead others through nonviolent means, knowing right and wrong, may be called guardians of the dharma.”
The Buddha


The Hindu and Buddhist scriptures often use the word dharma, which comes from a root meaning “to support.” It is a very difficult word to translate into English. In fact, there is really no English equivalent, but dharma is that which supports us, keeps us together. Dharma is the central law of our being, which is to extinguish our separateness and attain Self-realization. This is the universal law inscribed on every cell of our being, and the proof of it is that the more we live for others, the healthier our body becomes, the calmer our mind becomes, the clearer our intellect becomes, the deeper our love and wisdom become.

The Hindu and Buddhist scriptures also speak of a personal dharma. This is our present context, our present assets and liabilities. On the spiritual path, we start from where we stand. Later on, as our capacities grow, our opportunities for service will become greater. What is the right occupation now may not be right later on, but as long as it is not at the expense of others, our job can be made a part of our spiritual journey.

~ Eknath Eswaran


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