Blissfully unaware


“It is vital that anyone who is engaged in social reform at any level, MUST BE JEW-WISE! 

One absolutely must know why society is constantly battling with regressive destructed forces – and know exactly who is behind it all. One must know thy enemy – and how they work. Being Jew-wise arms us with the knowledge of the techniques of Jewish subversion, their incrementalism, their hegelian dialectic, etc. 

But the most significant distinction between an activist who is Jew-wise and one who is not – is being mindful of Jewish infiltration. It is due to most activists being blissfully unaware of how criminal Jews infiltrate; that all well-intended grass-level groups never get off ground, or end up serving Jewish interests. The criminal Jews just will not allow the goyim slaves to organise themselves.”

~ Digger


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  1. you can say that again…

    being “JEW” stupid never changes true.

  2. The semi-woken up seem to be far more dangerous than the brain-dead sheople. They latch on to the persuasive iconic celebrities who makes the seemingly loudest waves against the ‘establishment’. It is very hard to think the opposite of what you are ‘told’ – when the facts given omit the biggest lies of all – that they (we) are all goy, to be used, abused and tossed aside in every possible way by those gruesome imposters who believe themselves to be chosen by a god they don’t even believe in.

    It is just as hard to get any information through to them as it is to the oblivious sheep. But we have to keep on telling the truth hoping eventually something sinks in. Responses I get are along the lines of ‘I’ve never heard of any of this from anyone else’ with a swift change of subject if I’m lucky.

    Thanks for the Meercat joke!


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