Starve the beast

With most health conditions, beyond an accident, we are not really dealing with a particular ailment as such. As most ailments are just labels. The real root cause is nearly always down to a fungal/parasitic condition within an acidic environment. Without having to fret about treating the condition (label) with specific medicines (even natural); a fail-proof method is simply fasting for a day or so, drinking lots and lots of lemon water. To flush out the acidity, rid the gut/body with the fungal/parasitic elements and create a more alkaline environment.

Essentially we starve the parasites.

Does this ring a bell?

Hadn’t we ought to adopt this simplistic approach to this global situation we find ourselves in(?)

Lets be honest ‘they’ (International Jewry) are feeding off of us. Just like we feed the parasites in our gut every single day of our lives. Drip feeding them within the perfect environment they crave: filth, opulent environments, demonic practices, corruption, duplicity, criminality. Where more and more are not so much millionaires or billionaires but trillionaires now days. This is wrong wrong wrong on every level. And this can easily be explained to a child. Good and evil.

So why do we keep feeding them every day of our lives, when we can hardly feed ourselves?

Well just like when we are fasting, it’s painful not to feed them. The parasites make it difficult for us when we try to starve them. If we do not conform, and give them the ENERGY they crave, they make things uncomfortable for us. Likewise these parasites at the top make it difficult for those of us who dare not to feed them the energy they crave through their innumerable taxes, fines, penalties, etc – all of which are unlawful and simply theft through deception (trickery).

So that’s our choice essentially. We either remain ill, drained of energy and depleted of life force with the parasites and eventually die off.


We go through the painful, arduous process of ridding the parasite from our lives by daring to say “NO” or “No more”. “I ain’t feeding the beast anymore – enough is enough.”

There in fact is only one choice. Because as we know the parasites are never content. They have to have more. And more and more and more. Junkie parasites. So much so they inevitably kill their host/s.

We cannot allow this. So we have to begin the fast. Time to alkalize up. As much as we can get off-grid, try bartering, skill sharing, local communities. We have to get grief from the bureaucrats for non-compliance and go through the gritty process of feeling the pain of the fast – with full knowledge that we’re doing this for the long term benefits for all. For our ultimate survival.


“The ultimate measure of a man (mankind) is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience; but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.”

~ Martin L King



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  1. bigcree1

     /  July 28, 2013

    I have been on such an allegorical ‘fast’ for more than a decade now and looking for more methods to reinforce it. The purge is difficult, but as in any homeopathic treatment; time will remedy it.

    • Yes know what you mean Val. It’s a painful drawn out process for all involved.

      Nice to hear from you, hope you well.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • bigcree1

         /  July 28, 2013

        We’re all facing a most unprecedented attack on our essences. Make no mistake about it. It is coming from the usual suspects (organized jewry) and being deployed from all spheres, biological, psychological and most vital SPIRITUAL! Suffice it to say it is a painful but necessary and at times very interesting process. I expect to reemerge from it a much wiser, battle weary and different individual. We all will feel the pain of removing this parasite. It is killing the host and our very survival depends on our being an active part in the cure. WE are the salve.

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