Six Tenets for a Healthy and Stable Society

1/. Seek and share the Truth

Try to gain as much independent sourced information as possible, and use as much critical thinking as one can. Not hearsay, or from those with vested interests. On every level, on every subject: health, history, current affairs, spirituality – life. Then share it with as many people as you can in as many ways you can within the capacities you have. It’s a crime to hold important knowledge to oneself.



2/. Be your own sovereign 

Do not freely accept authority from those who claim to have presumed authority over you or others. Only accept authority from those you choose to allow to have authority over you. i.e. you start a job and they say you have to start at 8am. That’s a kind of contact/agreement which to a degree you accept a level of control over you. But even this situation you have to be mindful that you are not being oppressed or unjustly controlled.



3/. Resist tyranny

Constantly and steadfastly resist oppressive elements in society. We can never afford to rest on our laurels. We must accept for us to have freedoms, we damn well have to earn them. How much do we want freedom? How much are we willing to fight for them? What levels of uncomfortableness and inconvenience (hassle) are we willing to go through to have them? Freedom has always been a tug of war and never been easy to obtain or keep.



4/. Compassion

We cannot have a healthy stable society without compassion. Levels of compassion in society really is our benchmark. But our compassion has to extend to ALL sentient beings. Caring for others at all levels. We cannot be cavalier about other’s suffering, then somehow expect our own lives to be rosy. We must be open to the interconnectedness of life.



5/. Support nature

In the products we buy, our approach to the natural world and our general lifestyles – as much as we practically can.



6/. Complete oneness

Despite this theme having been tainted (sillyfied) by the new-age movement, it is completely appropriate to a healthy world. We are all one, again the interconnectedness of life. Our purpose in life is not about our selfish desires, it is to serve others and to have a spiritual connection. Selfishness is the destructive cancer in society and SEPARATISM is the route cause of it all; because it creates polarization, supremacy and selfishness. The divisions just have to go before we can begin to heal. Separatism is diametrically opposed to consciousness. We desperately need a consciousness evolution for us to move on.



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  1. Six Tenets for a Healthy and Stable Society

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