It’s obvious!


to me it’s so damn obvious

to millions around the world it’s so damn obvious

that what we give out we get back

what we conveniently allow to happen to others, will come upon us one day

no human being and no sentient being should be allowed to suffer in any way whatsoever

it’s obvious

why do we need to intellectualize this glaringly obvious fact?

how is that we can explain this to a 6 year old and they get it?

or how is it a 6 year old can explain it to us?

no more the excuses

we know what we have to do

stop eating animals

stop abusing animals

start to respect animals

care for animals

start loving animals  

all animals – not just our favorites 

not just the cute ones, or the useful ones

ALL animals 

we know deep down we should


because it’s obvious



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  1. Fruitraider

     /  July 30, 2013

  2. withheld

     /  July 30, 2013

    the wise old greek philosopher empedocles, said the killing and eating of gods animals was the real original sin of the bible, the eating of an apple is obvious nonsence thou shalt not kill is exactly what it says, if you read the oroginal texts of the book of genesis state quite clearly that eating flesh is wrong. simple

  1. Forbidden News » It obvious!
  2. It obvious!

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