Hot air

An academic engineer tells you your vehicle should only run on fossil-based fuel and you pour vegetable oil into your diesel van and drive off. The next day this academic informs you that it’s not good for your engine that you really ought not use vegetable oil, but you drive around all week using it. But then he tells you how qualified he is in the subject and warns you you are doing the wrong thing. But you continue to drive around perfectly fine using your cheap, healthier oil. At the end of the month the engineer expresses intensely to you that you are going to burn your engine out unless you use diesel and presents you a huge wad of data about the damaging effect of vegetable oil in engines. But month after month you seem to do just fine. The years go by, and the decades go by and your engine is just fine. But the academic still keeps warning you about the dangers of not using diesel fuel.

This is where I’m at when I have to listen to all these so-called experts, decade after decade informing us these about scientific theories how unnatural or inappropriate it is for me to avoid flesh in my diet; yet I’m still functioning reasonably fine, despite the environmental attacks we’re under; and so are those I know who’ve lived on a predominant plant-based diet most of their lives.

All the top scientific and speculative theories in world, cannot equate with pragmatic and circumstantial evidence. Eating animals to obtain one’s body energy is completely and utterly UNNECESSARY!! There is no nutrient we cannot get from plant-based diet which we can get from meat. How do you think huge vegetarian animals get their protein for example?

The only reasons people choose to eat and promote this archaic demonic industry and their dietary habits is for these five interdependent reasons:

1/. Selfish desires – invested interests and associated personal kudos through financial benefits (career)

2/. Sense gratification – Again more selfishness; they like the taste of dead corpses. Addicted to the taste. People simply don’t care about the suffering of others, just so long as they get their flesh fix.

3/. Habit – social conditioning, programming from birth. Normal behavioral pattens. It’s normal to do this, everyone does that. 

4/. Willful Ignorance – people conveniently choose to not know the ins and outs of the meat industry and alternatives. They just don’t understand about nutrition and plant-based diets.

5/. Fear – fear of being different, fear of thinking outside the box, alpha male image (identity/ego). Generally fearful of what others will think of them. Fear of anything different/weird. Even fear of change.


I’ve heard people say I know vegetarians who become ill as an argument for meat eating, is equivalent of saying I know several four wheel drive cars which have crashed. It’s just conveniently selective reasoning. It’s ludicrous. Of course you’re going to get vegetarians who get ill – that’s the nature of life and statistically normal. There are a diverse range of reasons why people become ill, beyond dietary reasons.

There are many vegetarians and vegans who eat unhealthy processed foods and have stressful associated habits and lifestyles. These people are just poor examples of the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Understandably, many people in this Jew-wise community may say to me that I should drop the controversial subject of insisting we stop eating meat; as it is divisive and distractive from the main topic. And that we should just focus more on our common theme of the JCN. I totally get this argument and have attempted to do this for years. But the problem with this is, the JCN isn’t the main topic. 

The main topic is the darkness and evil which is potentially within all of us – because we are in an energy war. If we do not first address our spiritual issues at a personal level, the most we can ever hope for, is short-term spurts of political change. Because this whole agenda is way above politics. This is the point.

Any substantial, fundamental and permanent social reforms will only come from a core root, from a place of collective compassion – from a place of consciousness. The core principle every single time is …..

if we harm others – we harm ourselves

What we throw out into the world, we get back. What we participate in and passively accept we in turn will receive. Cause and effect.

How on earth we think we can get away with subjecting trillions of sentient beings to intense fear, prolonged suffering and insane levels of cruelty each day – and then expect to not have that energy come back on us; is truly mind boggling. 

That is why I can longer politely sit back and just talk about the political problems of the world. This serious spiritual and ethical situation must first be addressed as a core issue, before we can talk about any of our global inconveniences.

Even if it was the case that avoidance of flesh eating in one’s diet was unhealthy and that I would have a lifetime of depleted energy and a reduced life.


Because to me, obtaining my sustenance through cruelty, suffering and violent means is simply unacceptable.

The problem with academics who put forth arguments for eating meat, is that many academics are persuasive to those people who really do not know their subject. Time and time again we are influenced by these people who have very impressive cultured voices, sharp affective deliveries, smooth polished presentations and are generally persuasive and even manipulative characters – just like politicians. Of course I’m not saying we shouldn’t recognise academia; but we have to be discerning between forming our opinions based on academic arguments by social peers, with letters behind their names; and common sense based substantiated evidence.

Otherwise it is like absorbing an intense detailed academic thesis on why we should not be breathing air.

I don’t give a hoot if the World Health Organisation tells me I should not be breathing air, or peer reviews tell me I should not be breathing air, or the National Institute for Environmental Studies tells me I shouldn’t be breathing air.

Because I’m going to naturally and instinctively breath air. Any alternative theories are just hot air. Likewise, I’m going to naturally and instinctively avoid violent methods to obtain my sustenance. That is not rocket science. And I don’t need any science to feed me endless data and theories. I have my own personal experiential evidence thank you.

I do not need to read any statistical graphs, analytical reports, scientific data for all the reasons why I am apparently not able to function. When I have spent over twenty years as a carpenter on a veggie diet, working with more than enough energy and strength. In many cases more energy than my meat-eating colleagues. Lifting heavy beams, pitching roofs, lugging heavy equipment about and having to use forceful techniques in many applications.

When I can observe long term veggie martial artists, veggie body builders, olympic level athletes. And billions of people having lived perfectly healthy lives on a plant-based diet. I do not need to listen to any more reviews, professionals, experts telling me how I need to eat dead corpses in order for my brain and body to function.

Apart from the odd moment of stupidity, I have a sharp cognitive, creative mind, able to work out practical solutions, use common sense and intuitive wisdom.

So please, enough of your condescending academic BS. We’ve had up it up to here with these so-called experts, telling us their theories. I have three decades of personal observation and sufficient study to know that any argument for eating animals in order to obtain body energy is nothing more than nonsense; nothing more than excuses, nothing more than social conditioning.


Eating animals and not loving them is destructive on every level. Until we wise up to this obvious and spiritual fact and switch to a prominently plant-based diet, it is impossible for us to have world peace. 



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