Those of us in the Freeman movement, or just those of us simply resisting within lawful rebellion, have to put up with so much social stigma from the sheople around us. It’s a strain and saddening to see how people’s minds have been manipulated. One of the classic and often ‘repeated’ remarks said in a snotty tone is “What about the roads?”, to enquire about how the maintenance of the roads get paid for if people don’t pay inland revenue or council taxes. Wot – you care more about a bit of tarmac than your own freedoms!? Just listen to these non-thinking repeaters. Perfectly trained to support their slave masters.

There is no other word for it than ignorance – willful ignorance at that. And when I say ignorance, I mean without knowledge on these subjects. And mind control of course. The payment of the roads get more than taken care of in numeral ways beyond our ‘voluntary’ taxes. Tax is nothing but corporate theft through deception by PRIVATE individuals. ALL TAXES ARE VOLUNTARY. We have to pay for our shackles after all.

One of the other mind hurdles we have to get over is that we are somehow going to have positive change without any hassle. This has to be the biggest level of conditioning out there. The fundamental cognitive dissonance.

We are going to have to have inconveniences. Maybe lots of them. Just look at the inconveniences for example of what the Palestinians have to go through every day of their lives. Look at the inconveniences the Iraqis have had, and the poor Syrians at present. And all the inconveniences of innocent people throughout the ages.

So it’s inevitable we are going to have to endure some levels of hassle for our freedoms. What is more important than our freedoms!? We cannot remain in our comfort zones  and just expect things to just magically pan out for the best. We have to do and in doing we are going to get grief from the beast. We just have to accept that.

We have to accept we are going to get nicked from time to time and maybe even thrown in a cell over night. (By the way, it’s termed CELL because we are ‘energy’). But tough – so we have the odd rough experience like this. What is that compared to what our fellow brothers and sisters are being put through daily? We have to make sacrifices for them and us. There is an interconnectedness between us all – the hippies were spot on; we are in fact all one.

Yes it’s not nice being banged up, or worrying about whether one is going to be banged up; but we have go through this hassle. Often we have to go through horrible, uncomfortable, fearful experiences to gain a long-term reward. A martial artist has to go through a grueling scary grading in order to get his black belt and to then go on to teach (help) others. A student must face that fear-ridden examination in order to get their grades, in order to improve their lives and others lives. Otherwise there was little point in doing the course.

It’s the same for us; we have to go beyond just doing the training. All this prep work has to be for something. All this accumulation of knowledge has to be put to use. Otherwise it’s just scary, interesting entertainment. A hobby. This cannot be just a hobby, this is too damn serious. This is life and death and our ultimate survival and freedom at stake. We have to go through times of grittiness – the social shame, the inconvenience, the financial costs, the loss of jobs, the loss of privacy and the fear hurdles. Enough of us putting up with hassle on behalf of the bigger picture. Doing what is right, lawful rebellion/civil disobedience for altruistic reasons, not just remaining in our comfortable zone. This is the only way we are going to have any chance of getting through this mess.

Besides, enough of us being bloody awkward is going to slow down and strain the beast. We can’t just sit back and make it easy for them. We have to resist. Any successful resistance movement which has been sourced through authentic grass roots level, has come about through non-compliance.

Just because they say BOO to us, we cannot buckle. We must show tenacity. If enough of us keep buckling, we show weakness and they gain more confidence. We have to expect the BOOs. That is what their structure is set up in place to do – that is why they have all their ‘in-betweeners’ for (police, debt collectors, social services, etc), to say BOO to us. These are their BOO teams. Lots of titles, uniforms, infrastructure, legislation, fraud, intimidation, fear – all to BOO us into slavery and ultimately our destruction.

From a ‘Freeman-on-the-Land/Lawful Rebellion’ perspective, whenever we get a fine, penalty from one of these in-betweeners. It is just a commercial “offer”. Offer and acceptance, just as in any commerce environment. When we get threatened by the police, they are making us an offer within their maritime/admiralty construct, even if the ‘officers’ of the sea don’t even know that.

An arrest is just these people working within shipping laws to haul their vessel in to harbor, in order to make their claim of a debt. But there is no debt, because it is all based on fraud and more importantly, we are not vessels of the sea, we are natural beings – living men and women made up of flesh and blood. Not the PERSON, not a vessel, not a corporate entity. And nobody has authority over us ….. unless we consent. We must not freely give away our authority to anyone. And that really does mean anyone!

So how do we deal with the BOOs?

Well we gain knowledge first of all. Accurate knowledge and that means being discerning between all the BS and disinfo out there. So many well-intended people are dishing out misinformation. It’s the same in any subject; in health particularly, people try to help, but they are just giving dangerous misinformation.

Secondly we must digest this information. Look at all the angles and case studies and points of views.

Then at some point we have to act on this information. We have to break through the fear barriers, by acknowledging that we are have a choice. A choice of freedom vs slavery. Life vs death. Short-term comforts vs serious levels of suffering for all of us. Knowledge is only useful if we use it. This is the big hurdle for most people, to move behind fact finding and data collection and a point of frustration to me as many people reading my posts will know.

I hear many people cuss those of us who are resisting this tyranny and throw out negative fear-based one-liners such as “You’ll never beat the system” or “We’re f**ked”. I often reply “Yea your right – if we carry on doing what you’ve done since you’ve been aware of this agenda – NOTHING”

It’s a simple formula: just carry on doing NOTHING, nothing but moaning, don’t resist, comply = tyranny. 

We cannot remain comfortable browsers if we want positive change. At some point we have to do. Only in doing will we achieve results. Only through various levels of hassle will we achieve our freedom goal. We all know this deep down. That we have to break through the fear barriers. But we have to start at some level. We cannot remain selfishly comfortable. Altruistic inconvenience is the only way out of this prison. Levels of personal suffering in order to reduce intense suffering for all of us.

Freedom was never meant to be an easy ride. 



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  1. Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest. ~~ ~ Denis Diderot


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