4 Ways in which People Deal with Reality

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In the business we’re in, this means how people handle the Truth, the harsh realities of this modern world. Here is a short overview of the four general ways in which people cope with negative Truths. 


1/. Deny it 

They ignore it and just carry on, pretending to themselves that the problem isn’t there. It’s a definite choice and a protective mechanism to cope with stress. Even though I find these people infuriating – at times I do understand why they chose to go into denial. Many people do this with their health issues. It kind of helps them cope in the short run. But with all issues, if we don’t address them and at a root level, they will eventually become ever more present. That’s the situation people are finding themselves in now. Having repeatedly and selfishly ignored social and globally issues, which were affecting other people’s lives; they now are having to face similar levels of reality. Truth is now knocking on their door.



2/. Acknowledge it – but don’t act 

They can see and smell the beast. They absolutely recognise the depth of the problem. But just wait and see how things pan out, hoping the problem will just somehow magically resolve itself, or someone else will sort the problem out for them. Again it’s choice. These people, just like the deniers have endless opportunities to do something. But time after time they chose to get on with their lives. Their hobbies, their careers, their semi-comfortable lives. They just don’t want to rock the boat. This again is nothing more than selfishness. I’m all right Jack attitude. And just like the deniers, they too are now finding their toes are now being trod on. Yet, through fear/apathy they still won’t pull their finger out. It always is going to be someone else, some other force which is going to save the day – for them.



3/. Address the symptoms

These people kid themselves they can address the beast, by dealing with the symptoms. Unfortunately this is a hugely underestimated area. Sadly I’m guessing it is something in the region of 98% of the people who are kidding themselves they are doing some level of activism. I find this almost soul destroying.


I think this group can be split in two

(i) Those who genuinely think they are addressing social problems, but get hoodwinked into the various categories.

(ii) Those that subconsciously know who is at the root of their problems, but still choose to address the symptoms, because it’s a compromise between a lot of hassle and doing nothing. It kind of eases their conscience. Like attending an organised demonstration, or the recent Bilderberg festival. They know it’s getting nothing done, but equate in their minds that “Well, at least it’s some act of defiance” Again – it’s all about choice.


Some of these people fit into these groups

  • new-agers: hippy, crusty, fluffy new-age spirituality
  • health gurus: raw food, natural gadgets, off-grid lifestyles, alternative therapies, etc
  • preppers: ‘stacking’ silver coins, guns, survivalists, etc
  • political heads: of all persuasions, both main steam and alternative (WN/EDL, Palestine campaigns, animal rights, anti-war, etc)
  • half-Truthers: long-term Alex Jones & David Icke fans, NWO/Illuminati brigade. Being led astray by the hundreds of shills/half-Truthers out there.



4/. Address the root cause

So I’m guessing this is 2% of the actual people who are doing any level of activism at all. And what percentage of people are doing any activism. That’s how serious the situation is. I’m sorry if this seems bleak, but this is how I see things at present. It is only this group who are dealing head on with the root cause – the Jewish NWO.


To counter the despondent side of this, I have seen this group not only increase, but become more bold. Things are beginning to stir in the Jew-wise community, so I’m not totally despondent. I also have witnessed more and more people from the group 3/. migrate over to this group. Especially the Illuminati Truthers and the political heads.


By it must be noted, we have a lot of territory to cover. I can only hope that the more we are squeezed by this cult, the more people we get it, that we have to address this root cause – the JCN. The good news in a way, is that these demonic junkies just can’t help themselves. They never know when to stop. So more and more people from groups 1/., 2/. and 3/. are going to steer towards this root cause. The onus is on us in this group 4/. to try to get as many in our camp as possible, in order to reduce our suffering, stop this mass cull and the destruction of the planet.

I do have genuine hope. I think it is doable, because I have witnessed so many incidents in life where we think we are in an impossible, no hope situation; yet with a lot of tenacity, focused direction and huge amounts of effort, things have pulled through. So long as we keep up our efforts, have a collective MO and adopt a spiritual intent; there is a very real possibility we will get through the other side of this.



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  1. shadowmasterminds

     /  July 15, 2013

    I know you mean well like me, but you won’t wake many people up. A spell.has been casted onto them, like in Sleeping Beauty, or in the Matrix, where they refuse to know how deep the rabbit hole goes (Not to mention lose varying amounts of idealism in the process.). Again, killing them is the only solution. They’re nothing more but cowards who only use authority as a means to bail themselves out whenever they’re caught with their crimes (I.E acts of terrorism, pedophilia, organ-harvesting, etc.), resorting to call us anti-Semitic when either the Egyptians or the Arabs are the real Semites. They’ve committed identity theft.

    Hear me out and hear me out well: This evil can’t be tamed, nor can it be reformed. Along with that, they’re masters of disguise.

    • shadowmasterminds

       /  July 15, 2013


      Not to mention, Syria has (most likely) long been in Jewish control. The troops are only going because the Jews want all of the Non-Jews (humans) dead there.

  1. 4 Ways in which People Deal with Reality

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