Wot we need to do ….


is to down tools!


is to march to parliament!


is to say fuk’em!


is to lock these bastards up!


is to form a people’s resistance army!


is to create our own police force!


is to stand up to these scum bags!


that all sounds lovely


sounds so rebellious


so when are you going to do it then?




when are you actually going to ACT on these stoic words?


yea you sure fire out some feisty text messages


and your e-mails are fully of defiance

you leave some powerful words of descent on forums 


and you’re a true rebel when you’ve had a couple of pints


but when are you going to engage in some resistance?


ohh, you’re waiting


waiting for what?


others to make the first move?


millions of others


and THEN you’ll join in and do your bit


isn’t that what everyone else is waiting for?


for others to make the first move?


If we are not going to do anything 






then we may as well shut-the-f**k-up


because otherwise it is nothing more than hot air


we have to walk the talk


YOU have to get out there and inform new blood


YOU have to stop paying Jewish taxes


YOU have to stop shopping in Jewish outlets


YOU have to stop paying Jewish utility bills


YOU have to stop slaving for Jews inside their corrupt system


YOU have to start having some inconvenience – some grief in your life


moving out of your comfort zone


YOU have to start resisting


We will be waiting a million years for that magic day when everyone else spontaneously downs tools


My friend, it’s all up to YOU


it doesn’t matter what everyone else around you is NOT doing


YOU have to do what is right


what is moral


your social responsibility


your lawful duty


your spiritual duty





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  2. Wot we need to do ….

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