Mr Change

obama change 21 Bankruptcy Change Under President Elect Obama


He promised change and America sure got it

He helped change the public police service into a private militarized force.

He helped change the atmosphere and psyche of the American people into a paranoid fear-based society.

This puppet helped change America’s self-sufficient farming communities into criminals just for trading in natural products.

Obama played his role in changing the beautiful countries of Iraq and Afghanistan which were rich in culture and tradition into wastelands and Judaic military compounds.

Mr change in his presidency changed the traditions and culture of America into an unnatural multi-cultural society, where nobody benefits other than his Jewish masters.

He brought in changes, that makes Americans self-conscious and almost guilty for possessing guns.

He has encouraged changes in social trends towards homosexuality and other unnatural sexual deviance’s; ensuring these new social norms are foisted on society and children’s minds.

Mr change has ensured the last remanence of cognitive thinking within American children has been eliminated, ensuring the youth are physically, mentally and spiritually depleted

In his all change policy he has ensured predator drones will be unleashed into American skies on the American people

This bastion of change has ensured the military to turn on it’s own people under martial law, under the guise of fighting terrorism 

This Jewish puppet has smooth talked the American people into accepting more usury-based theft for his masters, under the deceptive terms of inflation and down turns in global markets

Mr change sure has delivered his promise

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  1. but on the upside ANTI-SEMITISM is spreading like a wildfire…

    as if so-called “Jews” are actually Semites.

    the pretend FAUX-REALITY of the BRAINDEADGOYUM is a straw house in a

    DROUGHT….and the wind is blowing @ 40 knots


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