In summary

“These Jewish enslavers at the very top of this compartmentalized NWO are demonically-driven, deeply insecure individuals. They are entrenched in their insecurity; hence the need to control others and amass obscene amounts of materialistic wealth. Their MO is to usurp the world, in order to satisfy their insatiable lust for control; feeding their insecurities. 

Essentially they are unhinged, demonic, insecure, control junkies. Their driving energy stems from a dark demonic entity – whichever label we want to term that. 

Their conduit for this dark energy is the isolationist supremacist ideology known as judaism; which has genetic tendencies, but stems more from social programming as a mind-control cult. The software being a combination of judaic scriptures, environment influences and collective groupthink. In essence, this judaic meme is anti-nature and antagonistic to anything which pertains to goodness and beauty – The Divine. It is the height of separatism, therefore supremacist in it’s outlook. Due to this Jewish meme having always been antagonistic to social development, progressiveness and spiritual consciousness; it (the Jewish collective) has always deservedly faced opposition and rejection throughout the ages, wherever it has settled – despite always playing the victim card. Inevitably, the host naturally tries to rid itself of this antisocial, infectious, deceptive, demonically-driven predator from it’s environment.

In a nutshell – the judaic construct is nothing more than a cruel, destructive, separatist, demonic, insane, parasitic, mind-control cult – which absolutely must be omitted from society.”

~ Digger




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  1. In a previous post you quoted your guru, Eknath Eswaran–” Loving the Lord means loving the innermost Self in all those around us. We need only to increase our capacity to love…” My, my, Digger. In this post, it doesn’t sound like you’re feeling the love. Aren’t you supposed to walk the talk and love the innermost self of the Jew, the divine spark in us all.

    • Dear Patty,

      You say ‘your guru’. I can assure you Patty, even though in general terms I respect Eknath for his pragmatic and comprehensive approach to spirituality, I don’t have any gurus. I post a lot of Eknath’s thought for day, purely because he pools his quotes from a broad range of spiritual areas and eras, so I think this is suitable for my blog. I just think the system of passage meditation he uses is excellent, thats all.

      I have never claimed to have a halo on my head, nor be perfect. Hence why I swear and rant from time to time :-). I post these spiritual ‘thought for day’ posts as pleasant fillers, between the darkness. I feel they are helpful to add some positivity, for all of us who are entrenched in this darkness. I think it is only healthy to aspire to any goal. For me having a spiritual goal is important. I think it is extremely healthy for this movement and the world. There is a huge amount of aggression and uncontrolled anger out there, which desperately needs tempering. I know in my heart, had society adhered to a spiritual path, we would not be in this mess. If these posts can help in a small way, which from the feedback they seem to, then this is a good thing.

      Please re-read the post you refer to. There is no hatred, nor anger in it. Every sentence is factual! If you read it carefully Patty, you will notice I am addressing the meme of Judaism the ideology, the construct of judaism and not ‘the Jews’. I am attacking the ideology in a straight forward, pragmatic manner. I do resonate towards more of a love theme as I believe this to be right and practical, I am able to approach this from a responsive position, not reactive. Reacting from a place of non-love is all about demanding “killing Jews” and hatred.

      The essence of unconditional love is about not allowing evil actions to hurt others and the actual perpetrators. Therefore addressing this evil by first understanding it. That was the purpose of this actual post and my whole blog.

      I’m surprised you have not understood my position on this.

      Thank you for contributing


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