Comfortable Truth


Doesn’t it just get to you, the broad range of euphemisms and subjective quaint descriptions which are out there for describing that three letter word beginning with J and ending in W (Whoops, now I’m even doing it). The endless deflective ways in order not to say that little word JEW. 

Here are some groupings of ways to side step this magic word. 


Almost label

These are terms used even by top political analysts; people who have been in this circuit for years. Diplomatically tip-toeing around the key description, not outright naming the big bad Jew as being the be all and end all of our global issues. Even supposed ‘alternative’ political outlets such as RT, Press TV, The Young Turks Network, Al Jazera, etc. At times they are only a tad more accurate than the JEWISH main stream media. Even when all parties know exactly who they mean:

  • The zionists
  • The israeli lobby
  • The neocons
  • The Israelis
  • The American, israeli and British governments
  • The AIPAC lobby
  • The Babylonians
  • Cultural Marxism 
  • Zionist interests
  • The 13th Tribe
  • The Rothschild zionists (David Icke’s term)
  • The khazars
  • The Ashkanasis


Nooooo IT’S THE JEWS silly



Diversion labels

Complete diversions, throwing potential Truth seekers off track altogether (sometimes for years, even permanently):

  • The Jesuits
  • The bloodline families
  • The Bilderbergers
  • The Reptilians
  • The Greys
  • The New World Order
  • The Illuminati
  • The Royal heritage
  • The Archons
  • The Freemasons

Nooooo – IT’S THE JEWS silly



Political/neutral labels

  • The governments
  • The communists
  • The fascists
  • The socialists
  • The Nazi’s (oh I wish it was)

Nooooo – IT’S THE JEWS silly



Socially polite labels

  • The antagonists
  • The ruling elite
  • The powers that be
  • Our adversaries (even I’ve occasionally used this term myself)
  • Big Brother
  • The global power elite
  • The globalists (Alex Jones’s term)
  • The banksters
  • The elitists
  • The Orwelian infrastructure

Nooooo – IT’S THE JEWS silly



So long as we are not accurately naming our enemy, we are part of problem. Because we are actively assisting THE JEWS by stalling time and providing them cover for their criminality. 


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  1. Excellent post! Every time someone calls you an anti-semite, say no-no, I am anti-Jew. Never refer to the ADL as anything other than what it is, the Jewish Defamation League. The SPLC is the Jewish Prosperity Law Center. Say it often and loud, JEW, JEW, JEW.

  2. knowtoomuch

     /  June 12, 2013

    Over here in France the term ‘jerusalamists’ is heard more and more often ; that way people know what is meant without having to say the ‘holy’ Jay word 😉

  3. Good comment, Patty.

    Digger, as always, you hit the nail right on the head. When I first truly woke up, I was permanently fighting saying the word, exactly as you describe, as if I should be ashamed to say it – JEW – I wouldn’t put it in emails without coding it, the sky might fall on my head – JEW – I could not say it in public – JEW – any talk was about rothschild zionists, even israel – JEW – the shame is on me too. It takes time to re-educate yourself, break old habits and indoctrinations – like giving any addiction up. We have been thoroughly programmed. Yes, I was addicted to not saying JEW.

    If you can’t say it – JEW – then the sky will still fall on your head anyway.

  4. Gotta agree with you. It’s just difficult to put forward this ‘in-your-face’ to people who are still walking on eggshells with these cockroaches.

    I like to say I’m not anti-semitic. I love the Palestinians and the Iraqi people and the Afghan people. What I hate is a RELIGION which preaches self-supremacy, hatred and contempt for all others and bases it’s existence on a BOOK OF LIES which has been debunked both historically and archaeologically. My efforts lean toward debunking this religion which is founded upon a collection of fable, fiction falsehood forgery and LIE. I figure, once it is accepted that the biblical nonsense is just that, the whole facade will collapse under the weight of its own lies.

    The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

  5. Brian

     /  January 25, 2015

    Spicegirl is so right! Also, I am part of the problem. No matter how carefully I try to explain certain subjects, I feel like the moment I say the J word I’ve lost and I’m seen as hateful. Consequently I try to use many of the above alternatives. Waking up does come in stages but most people just cannot step on the ‘sacred ground’ of WW2. Yet the more this is understood the more everything else seems to make sense!

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