“And the sheople gathered”

Oh dear, this is embarressing 



Icke says here “This is not a conspiracy to enslave JEWISH PEOPLE ….” ha ha ha. Oh this is painful. And these naive people have paid for this level of diatribe. “First they came for the Jews and I did nothing …”


Go on Alex – tell them “Globalists” 

entertainment ~ distraction ~ entertainment ~ distaction ~ entertainment ~ distraction ~ entertainment ~ distraction 


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  1. Shaun

     /  February 22, 2016

    Love your site and all your work. One thing I found out myself, and was very disappointed to say the least, is that Edward Griffin is a shill. While listening to him for such a long time because of succinct and wise delivery of topics from cancer to the banking cartels, I came upon his site freedom force international, who claim as a goal, to take back power from those in charge. This sounds great, however not only does he never get to whom ( the jews and Israel) to take the power from he also has, as a member, Alex Jones.

  1. Forbidden News » “And the sheople gathered”

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