Mr and Mrs Ego


In reference to the Freeman-on-the-Land movement/material. Some people become engaged in sending out fines to companies. There may be situations where this is appropriate, but here are some counter-arguments for doing this.


These are specifically pertaining to the Freeman principles, but may also apply to our approach to the Truth and fighting this beast in general terms.

There is one level of resistance where we do not recognise their paperwork, due it being addressed to our legal entity (our person). This is simply principled resisting, where we return their ‘original’ paperwork with “NOT RECOGNISED” written across it in red ink.


However, when we decide to take this further and begin to issue bills out to these people in return, we are entering into a different category of resistance. One in which I would think twice about for the following reasons:


  • We have to keep our focus on our MO. What is the reason we are engaged in this battle? Is it not to challenge the corrupt system for justice? I believe it is to say “NO” to resist theft with non-compliance. Therefore we must be careful not to get diverted in a separate battle with an individual personal fight with a private corporation. We must try and keep this as detached and impersonal as possible, not let Mr and Mrs Ego jump in there.
  • This is not about revenge and getting back at the system, or any individual private company, this is about the bigger picture. Standing up for the principle of injustice to theft. Justice not revenge.
  • If we are complaining about these people’s actions, we should be mindful not to duplicate what they are doing. Otherwise we are no better. This is principle based. About Truth and justice.
  • Part of what we are fighting entails this usury-based system and greed; so we must be careful not to fall into the trap of engaging in monetary terms, this is not what this is about. Even if we know well they will not cough up, we are still thinking in a materialistic mindset. We are spiritual warriors in a spiritual warfare, not engaged in consumerism.
  • We have to be careful on a personal, spiritual and health perspective – we must be so careful not to become the darkness we are trying to fight. It is so easy to fall for this trap. Our objective has to always be coming from a place of peace, justice and Truth – nothing else. So many people in many resistance movements become so ill due to this pitfall. This is all energetic. We must protect ourselves from this dark force and not become the darkness. No burn out.
  • If we make a threat/issue a bill, we have to follow it through. If we make meaningless threats, knowing we won’t actually carry them through; this will only weaken our position. They won’t pay up anyway, and they know we know it; so we are sending out a disempowered message. It’s almost cowardly and pathetic. I feel this is making the Freeman movement look weak and unsubstantiated, even ridiculous and futile. This is all about being in honor, a vitally important word and position in law.
  • If we are dealing with debt collectors, we must be mindful we are dealing with teams of people who are experienced and relish antagonistic environments. They are probably more equipped on every level than we as single/individuals are. A lot of these guys are knuckle-dragging wing-nuts, who almost thrive on this negative energy, so we must not feed them this energy.
  • When we engage in threats, as opposed to just not recognizing their paperwork, we are entering into a whole new ball game. The system is on their side, if we begin to make financial threats, there is a good chance if we play in their world, we could get severely stung. This is all about corporate warfare – we must recognise this and be  realistic of the imbalance of power. The system is stacked against us – no matter how defiant one or two individuals may be and how big our ego is. The ground is not quite fertile for heavy levels of individual legal resistance, it’s all about timing. There is an old maxim which goes something along the lines of If we going to engage in warfare, we must first dig two graves – one for our enemy and one for ourselves. Battleground tactics may sometimes not be appropriate.
  • Spiritually/energetically we must consider that whatever energy we throw out, we will receive. Being mindful of the physical laws of equal and opposite reaction.
  • Plus for example, if you charge them because they put wheel clamps on your car, which you have removed with an angle-grinder; then you have admitted to removing them. Therefore inadvertently entering into a contract.



We have to resist of course; but keep it real, keep detached, keep it impersonal. Always be mindful of not reacting to their energy, but responding from a detached non-egotistical position. They are not dealing with YOU, they are always always dealing with your dead corporate fictional entity, called the PERSON, so try hard not to engage on a personal level. You don’t have a fine, your person does. This will help you detach, therefore help with fear and ego.


We must ensure in any peaceful non-compliance, our foundation must be spiritually/consciousness based. This will be where all our strength and tenacity will come from.


We must resist, we must. 

But we have to come from a place of non-conformity. Responding with justice, not reacting with revenge. If we engage in revengeful warfare – this corrupt system, this energy will eat us alive. We must not draw this destructive energy towards us, or we will become this energy, this darkness we are trying to resist. We must only seek justice, what is right, from a place of non-ego, from a place of peace. 

This is our spiritual foundation and our true expression of courage.



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