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  1. Knowtoomuch

     /  June 8, 2013
  2. The only thing these videos show is that Ahmadinejad is a rabid religionista and one who respects the Jewish people as he respects all people. He hates Zionism but not the Jews. Christianity and Islam are nothing more than offshoots of THE BIG DADDY, Judaism, and so both have a Messiah figure. His religious speech at the UN was a bunch of religious gobbly-gook, pie-in-the-sky nonsense, and a complete waste of time. My only question would be WHY he chose to speak nonsense when he could have spoken truth to power. And this was his very last speech to the UN.

    To me, it doesn’t matter if he has Jewish ancestry. We need to know if he made Iran a better place for the people of Iran and whether he fought the Jewish agenda during his tenure. I don’t know where to acquire un-propagandized info on Iran and Ahmadinejad.

  3. Nick

     /  September 2, 2013

    He calls for a NEW World Order… That couldn’t be worse then the JWO… They jews want a NWO run by them… but Iran stand’s in it’s way… I personally would be happier under Iran Rule then Jewish Rule… Just look at the millions who have died under JWO… How many millions have been killed under IRAN rule… Not one
    “the iraq iran war was part of JWO” Iran want’s real peace… they want A NWO that’s free of the JWO… I believe that IRAN is morally & ethicially way above the christian west… Yes I perfer no Religion’s but in this world we need to be strong & united… the catholic church was once the strongest voice for morals but that has fallen to JWO… the only strong entity that has stood up to the JWO is IRAN, NORTH KOREA & RUSSIA MAYBE CHINA & INDIA & GREECE & HUNGRY & Part’s of SOUTH AMERICA… it’s always changing… Some countries that where once under JWO escape… But once the JWO has taken over the biggest players it’s Game Over… We still live in world that can be free from JWO and declaring a NWO free of JWO is in view a great thing… I believe the UN created by the JWO if it ever fell out of thier control would be the greatest weapon to fight against Israhell… THE JWO controls 3 of the 5 security concil members… if the members all 190 nations all had equal say the JWO would have lost control of the UN…


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