Common Sense


How is it the little ones can teach us things which are blatantly obvious(?)

Sent in from ramsonius with MUCH thanks

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  1. Such a beautiful, young child born with logic and genuine compassion way beyond his years. So sad that he has come into a world contaminated with jewish hate, cruelty and filth.

    • Here here SG. A truly enlightened child, as so many of them are, BEFORE they become polluted with the conditioning. Maybe in few years all that consciousness will be hammered out of him.

      Thank you for your contribution.

  2. Spytfyre

     /  June 7, 2013

    I have yet to meet children these days that speak so clearly and eloquently considering the age. Usually they have their parent’s smartphone in their hand when they reach the age of 5. What a wonderful share even though I am very much an omnivore who has considered giving up meat, but in the end couldn’t keep it up.

    • Welcome to DFT Spytfyre,

      Yes, so many parents present their children with tablets and plonk them in front of the goggle box. It was like a spirit/God was talking through this young boy.

      Please keep persevering with the plant-based diet – you will not regret it in the long run. I strongly feel the damage to our soul when we eat other souls who have suffered because of our dietary choice is so huge. I feel seeking the Truth is really about seeking the Absolute Truth – and to increase our levels of consciousness.

      Thank you for contributing.



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