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So we’re going to have so many thousand ‘troofers’ attend this Bilderberg event where Alex Jones and David Icke will feed them what they want to here.

This is my barometer to the level of how much people have really woken up.

I think this event is really sad.

Waking up comes in stages. Most of us who stumble across the Truth, just get the Illuminati/NWO material, but those of us who are honest about this agenda will look further and soon discover the JWO. To me it’s almost impossible not to see the Jews are behind it ALL. Under every rock is the Jewish mark.

Yet, here we are in the stages of entering into WW3 and thousands of these people are content with this level of Truth, packaged as ‘entertainment’. With comedians, the lot. I wasn’t sure if Jones and Icke were the top comedians.

I suppose the only reason for someone who is Jew-wise to attend this event is to distribute fliers, handing out the real Truth.

This event is to just to capture people’s energy, keep everything nice n contained, to de-fuse any aggression, so the big boys can get on with business as usual. The masters of deception… a treat every time.

Whilst at the same time collecting data from everyone via their mobile/cell phones. Not to mention facial recognition.

The place is going to be heaving with agents. Both snoopers and agent provocateurs. Which the naive people will happily give all their details to.

Then the show will go on. Keep the masses entertained for a day, let them think they have done something, just like a demo, give them the feel-good factor, lot’s of fun, with some dynamic speeches, talk about the problems which we already know about and ultimately give people false hope. But in reality, as usual, this event will achieve absolutely NOTHING, other than defused energy.

All these people would be better off spending their time and money in their local ares flooding the place with fliers in order to reach new blood.

This event and others is not about getting things done. This is just being entertained. Most of the people who attend these events are people who spend their entire year just browsing their favorite sites (infowars and davidicke). Then whizzing threads across to people who already know about it. In half Truth land. They’re not actually doing anything which is antagonistic to the JCN at all.

They kid themselves they’re doing something by attending these types of events, demos and groups. Yet sweet FA is happening other than these Jewish maniacs just keep ploughing on as usual.

There seems to be so much enthusiasm about the amount of people waking up. But most of these people are lacking two vital components:

1/. They don’t really have the Truth

They just have a polluted version of the Truth which fits the Jews. It’s fluffy half Truth disinformation and misinformation and endless discussions about the problems, never the root cause which is the JCN.

2/. They are not engaged to do anything about the situation.

These people are in apathy land. Near on zero resistance, all in fear, all wanting someone else to save them, all politically correct and apologetic about the poor Jew – the actual people who they purport to be resisting. It’s truly incredible.

This is why I say this event is sad. I’m despondent about this whole energy. These people are allowing themselves to be deceived. They care more about being entertained than seeking the Truth. This is the power of deception. And the Jews are kings of deceivers.

A couple of people have proudly boasted to me they’re going to attend – as if they’re doing something commendable, some courageous act. They’re actually preening as if they are doing some stoic act of rebellion for mankind. It’s laughable. These same people boast for example about purchasing Gillad Atzman’s book. Again as if they have done something brave. For fuck’s sake. Think what their ancestors had to go through to resist this same force; yet these people consider themselves risque because they walk into a high street Jewish mainstream bookstore and buy a book over the counter. Then go home and read it under the duvet. In their minds, that’s their level of activism. That’s what they call rebelling against the system!!!???

I’d almost want to roar laughing if it wasn’t so serious.

We will know when enough people are awake when we have a truly Jew-wise event similar to this. But ultimately we will truly be engaged in resistance, when these tyrants are not allowed to hold such an event in the first place.


HOT OFF THE PRESS! David Icke and Alex Jones to Speak

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