George Orwell wrote about snitchers in his book 1984. Big Brother encouraged children to even snitch on their parents. 

This is how the ZEOS Jews have encouraged society to expose and demonize each other for not being a good Jewish slave. Under the banner of antisocial behaviour.

Since I’ve been involved with this Freeman-on-the-Land movement I’ve often had people comment in a snotty way to me …..

“You’re not contributing towards society.” 


Excuse me – I contribute towards society and my community in a vast amount of ways. I contribute towards physically building and maintaining houses and social property, and have done so for decades. Plus I have paid all sorts of taxes (Jewish theft) for decades.


In addition I have contributed towards society by helping expose evil for decades in various ways – whilst you lot have done sod about it, because you were absorbed in your selfish activities.


So please – don’t you dare talk about ME not contributing towards society.


I am the one who is contributing, serving society, by not going along with the Jewish enslavement. You bunch of lazy cowards are the ones who are not contributing, by acquiescing to this enslavement. And on top of that, look down on others who try not to be slaves and who try to get freedom for all. Incredible!!

But deep down, we know what it’s really about. It’s about green eyes. You are secretly jealous. Jealous that I’ve got the balls to say that little word and follow it through and you just can’t. You moan about your council tax, parking fees, inland revenue; you get yourself all in a tiff about how it all exponentially increases. Yet what do you do about it? – YOU PAY IT. Through nothing other than cowardliness.


And you know it, but you then take your anger and frustration about your cowardliness out on me. Accusing me of not contributing. You path-et-ic slave. You are in your shackles, in the trenches, and you want others to be in there too. This is all about choice – being a cowardly slave or not.




I once saw an advertisement on a bus, where it was encouraging others to snitch on people who were on social benefits, who were wearing gold bling; as if the two were not compatible. I was curious to know if they had any calls and what the outcome of these calls were. To think there are people out there who will take down that number and actually phone in and snitch on others. Worse still to think there are people in society who are doing that as a career and are actually proud of themselves. Saddos.


The reality is when people are on benefit, they are only drawing off their bond, which is a trust fund which was formed when they were registered as a baby. IT IS THEIR MONEY FROM THEIR ACCOUNT they are accessing. Please look into the topic of ‘Freeman/woman-on-the-Land”

FMOTL Link below


Here is an example in this article of how a Freeman Joe who is trying hard to fight back against this enslavement and is not only fighting his slave masters, but fellow slaves who want to to remain a slave. A brave man who is getting equal amount of flack from his fellow slaves. Don’t rock the boat, this is how things are, it’s how things have always been attitude.


God help us.

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  1. Don’t forget that our ‘government’ robs us by direct taxation of nearly everything we purchase – 20% VAT Value-added-tax – that’s a joke isn’t it! Where did they come up with that name. It’s a huge sum and practically impossible to avoid altogether unless you become a hermit. Buy second-hand wherever you can.

    • Good call SG. “Value-added-tax” what doublespeak. 2nd hand is a must!

      Thanks for contributing


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