Excellent article by the great late Eustace Mullins.

Sent with thanks by Knowtoomuch

Another obsession of the parasite is that it must force its way into every aspect of the host’s existence. It cannot endure the thought of a group of gentiles discussing anything without the parasite or one of his shabez goi agents being present to make notes.

Thus, the Jew campaigns to force his way into every gentile organization, whether it he social, religious, a private school, a club, or a neighborhood, anywhere that the gentiles might be able to gather and talk over things which the Jew wishes to know.

This obsession is due to the fact that the Jew can never know any real security in his parasitic existence. He lives daily with the terrible fear that the host will cast him off, and even when he has obtained control at every level of the gentile’s life, the Jew still feels insecure. If the gentile manages to keep him out of anything, the Jew becomes wild with rage.

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