I can’t stand it any more. Listening to the bizarre views people are coming out with regarding the Woolwich incident. 

I thought at first I could just put our differences aside and it didn’t really matter what we thought, so so long as we focused on the WHO s behind it all – but now I realise this does matter!

To discuss whether this is a hoax or not is important! Vitally important.

Especially when we know there are going to be a lot more of these HOAXES as we march into this JWO agenda. It is important to discuss the Jews sneaky techniques. After all we are taking about people’s lives being destroyed because of it. We are talking about potential WW3.


That is how important it is!

Yes of course we have to focus on the WHO more than the HOW. But the how still matters.

In this instance I am 100% in alignment with Morris – YES HE COMES FROM A JEWISH BACKGROUND. So what!?

In my eyes, he certainly is not acting in a Jewish way, no matter what his background is. There are many so-called Gentiles in the Truth movement who are acting more Jewish than he is. He’s telling the Truth in my opinion. Therefore he gets my vote. He makes the most sense to me from all the reports on this Woolwich event.

I judge people on their character, their actions, what they say and do – not what their lineage is.

Sandy hook = HOAX

Boston = HOAX

Woolwich = HOAX




The differences between a false flag and a hoax

A false flag = when the event happened, but it is blamed on an alternative party – like 9/11 was a Jew job, blamed on Muslim fundamentalists.

A hoax = where actors and mind control agents were used to create a scene to fit exactly into the narrative needed to be presented by the JMSM.



Why I think it is vitally important we look at this information 

1/. It is part of the Truth, therefore we need to discuss it and not brush over it. It is part and parcel of Truth seeking. It is our duty to look at these details.

2/. The consequential effects of this event are serious – WW3/end of the world scenario.

3/. There will be many more of these hoaxes coming up, so it’s essential we look at the HOWS, these patterns, their techniques, to call out their lies and deception next time.

4/. Once people see the duplicity behind these events, they may just begin to understand the bigger lies behind the whole JWO agenda. “If they lied about this, what else are they lying to us about?”. Therefore opening up a whole can of worms.

5/. It is showing respect to the people who have died in this attack and the indirect deaths created due to this hoax.



I now feel anyone who chooses to deny this blatant hoax fits into one of these groups 

(as well-meaning as they are)

  • suffering from cognitive dissonance
  • has a deep-rooted personal agenda – bias race issues either way (pro-white, or pro-dark skinned)
  • goes along with groupthink because it’s less hassle, not wanting to rock the boat.
  • controlled opposition – EDL etc.
  • self-conscious or pride of others thinking they are a conspiracy theorist
  • confused/ignorance (without knowledge) of the finer details. Just dismissed this hoax theory as silly and have not researched it enough.
  • awkward or lazy – preferring to see things in simplistic terms



As far as the Woolwich event, I can see there are six ways of looking at it

1/. Believe the JMSM official story, lock stock and barrel. Falling for the anti-Muslim claptrap.

2/. Blowback

Are aware the JMSM lie to us all the time, and know about the JWO; but somehow believe the official story that the soldier was run down by a car in a busy high street, just because he was a soldier, (because they spotted he wore soldier’s boots), had his head hacked off with meat cleavers, in broad day light, and then hung around and gave an interview on camera.

Reasoning for believing this narrative: being sympathetic to what the Muslims have had to put up with.

3/. WN Race Killing

Are aware of the JMSM lie to us all the time and know about the JWO; but are so consumed with their white race biases, they chose to read this as “You see, this is what whites have to face now in our European cities”. Race agenda.

4/. Capitalized

They believe the situation happened, but the JMSM just capitalized on the real situation which really occurred, but just glorified it.

5/. Believe it was a hoax and nobody died

That nobody died at all. That every single person involved were actors, including the soldier’s family.

6/. Believe it was a hoax but people did die

That the soldier was indeed murdered, but at a higher level. And the event was completely orchestrated using a combination of mind control and actors.

I firmly stand by number 6/. To me it is so obvious. This is still being sympathetic to what the Muslims have to put up with in their countries by Jewish-controlled westernized countries. This is about seeking Truth, staring at all the evidence laid out there. By being honest about what we see as the Truth – without any agendas, is the only way we can stop this insanity to ALL races, ALL religions, to ALL people of this planet. Truth will set us free.

Here is a summary which someone posted to me. I believe this to be an accurate summary of what happened. I go along entirely with this comment. The Jews create these events for multidimensional reasons. Some of which I have stated in my piece below titled “Woolwich Beheading -Hegelian dialectic”

OK – here’s the scenario for Woolwich….

They (MI5 whatever) target the 2 ‘attackers’ and get to know everything about them. The fit the profile of who they want and Adelbolajo had some form. They set them up for some crisis acting in a film that’s being done for some tele programme – (those guys may not have had any affinity with muslims whatsoever so it’s no skin off their noses either way – or they’ve been paid to check out Anjem Choudery as ‘spies’.

The scene is set for them to do their play-acting and they have been given a car to crash into a dummy. They crash into a lamppost and someone creeps out with a realistic film-quality dummy (it’s a film so it’s not going to raise the 2 guys own suspicion) which they then start to hack around. There are no films of any of that part of the action.

MI5 have already got their target soldier set up who is discreetly ‘taken out – bumped off’ somewhere else (in an ambulance most likely) and probably beheaded in the same manner. They do need a proper body as there has to be a grieving family, undertakers, a proper military burial.

Now from that point, the rest of it is play acting with the public bemused by what is happening. Play acting police in the background told to hang back because there might be a bomb. Until the real Trojan lot turn up – which I am inclined to think they tasered both guys – but they could have well shot and injured them – or even killed them outright. The 2 ‘mock terrorists’ are taken away to ‘their’ hospitals to be processed.

Just another fairy story….

Plus I think this is the sort of scene with Sandy Hook and even Boston. I think there’s genuine killings and injuries in with the make-believe stuff – just to keep everyone convinced they know the real story but they are only seeing one side.



Here are a collection of the anomalies which fit the hoax scenarios

  • How is it the two supposed Muslim murderers recognized Lee Rigby was a soldier just because he was wearing soldier’s boots and ‘Help for Heros’ T-shirt and run him down on that basis alone?
  • Would that have really happened? Why not kill a soldier, secretly in a plethora of other ways?
  • Why were they carrying meat cleavers around anyway?
  • How convenient it was a Muslim beheading a British soldier and not an ordinary citizen, and an ordinary stabbing. Just another coincidence to get the troops, EDL, and CO radical Muslims all stirred up?
  • How is it there was such severe damage to the car, (the depth of the concave) even though they only had a short area to build up speed? One would have to be driving a hundred miles an hour to create that level of damage.
  • Yet why was there not a scratch on the posts?
  • Why were the posts not dented?
  • I’m not saying Muslim’s are perfect, but why is this action in total contrast to the peaceful Islamic culture?
  • Why is that Michael Adebolajo apparently came from a Christian background, with many white European friends, with a London accent, yet states on the video “Our lands” in reference to his Islamic lands?
  • Why were there actor’s chalk marks, with arrows on the ground, in convenient positions?
  • Why was there no blood around the body where it lay?
  • Why was there not blood where the body was dragged onto the road? Think about it – head hagged off with meat cleavers – no blood!!
  • Why did they drag the body onto the road anyway?
  • Why was the blood not drained downhill, just like the oil from the car was?
  • Why did the blood not show footprints in it when it was walked in?
  • Why were there two separate contrasting shots – one with blood on the pavement, one not?
  • Why did the blood staining on the road look artificially stained – like someone had poured a sachet/container of blood down? Unlike someone who had been knocked down by a car, then had their head hacked off.
  • Why were there no blood stains on the two attacker’s clothes after apparently hacking off the soldier’s head?
  • Why, just like after the 9/11 attack, was Michael’s spiel so well scripted? It was perfect, it fitted EXACTLY into the JMSM narrative, no hiccups, just right?
  • Why on earth did they both hang around for the police after just murdering someone?
  • Why did they charge at the police knowing they would be shot?
  • Why did the police take so long to get there, to a major high street in a London location?
  • Why did the police drive up to them in the manner as they did (as Morris states – like collecting a pizza)?
  • Why did the media cut out the shot of the woman with the shopping trolly?
  • Why was the roof top scenes inconsistent with regards to angle scenes and position of the body?
  • Isn’t it a bit of a coincidence that Michael had associations with MI5?
  • Why did the woman stay around the dead soldier and stroke him if he had his head cut off?
  • Why did the various women chat with these alleged two crazed madmen? Is this normal behaviour after witnessing such a bizarre and horrific scene?
  • Why did the police threaten the busker to keep quiet who was near by?
  • Why were there no graphics/shots of the soldiers decapitated head, why was his head area conveniently covered? Where was the images of the actual decapitated head? Like an image of one of the crazed madmen holding up an image of the head. Wouldn’t they more likely do that if they wanted to get a message across?
  • Why did the police scream so anxiously Get back, get back when people tried to film the two apparent dead attackers on the ground?
  • Why were the children on the bus having casual conversations in a casual manner when they had just witnessed a man being run down and had his head hacked off in broad day light? Extras on the set maybe?

And on and on we could go with this anomalies.

Why why why? I would strongly suggest – BECAUSE IT’S ALL BULLSHIT. Acting, dramatics, bogus, actors, fixed, staged, drama – ONE BIG HOAX.

The same as Sandy Hook and Boston. This is a formula they now have, which we have to be on our guard for, from these kings of deception. We know there will be similar events to this down the line.

Anyone who is serious about exposing the Truth, without personal agendas, cannot overlook these important anomalies.


But hey – I must be ‘another’ one of those conspiracy nuts to go along with all this theory. 



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All the world is a stage.


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