Theirs vs Ours


This is a collection of notes from the excellent audio on Deanna Spingola’s broadcast with Freeman Burt and Clint Richardson.

Freeman Burt

Clint Richardson



I have added additional notes here and there from my knowledge of this subject.

Freedom = The requirement to obey man’s law

Independent = outside of the rules

Authority = permission

The only authority (permission) over you is the authority that you agree to give.


Authority – stems from statues which stems from legislative bodies which ultimately stems from private individuals.

No natural right can ever be usurped without permission/authority by a positive right.

Positive law/right = pertains to the unnatural corporate world

One’s National Insurance/Social Security number is just an employee number for this huge enslaving judaic corporation – your slave number. Your number for their private trust fund.

Remedy and SOLUTION are vital words in all of this.

Solution = end of or satisfaction of a contract.

No fine or penalty can ever be enFORCEd without first having a independent trial by jury (court de jure). Therefore all these imposed fines and penalties driven through artificial legislation are null and void.

I just send them back with “NO CONTRACT – NOT RECOGNISED – RETURN TO SENDER”. Basically you’re saying “Thanks, but no thanks – I do not accept your nonsense, this criminal behaviour, this bullying is unacceptable.”  

And ultimately this is what all this agenda is about – our agreement to it all, through our collective passiveness to private tyrannical Jewish law merchants.

Joinder = This is extremely important and I was baffled they did not include this vital information in their audio. It is where we are deceived into entering a contract, either verbally or in writing. A classic and main example is by giving our legal entity (our legal title/full name) to a corporate employee (police, social services, court, etc). For example JOHN SMITH, or Mr Smith, instead of just my name is John.

This has got to be the number one principle of the Freeman movement – NEVER EVER GIVE YOUR LEGAL TITLE TO THEM. Otherwise you have inadvertently entered into a legal binding contract. It is all about getting you into a contract through deception and fear.

Legalese = legal terminology which sounds similar to our normal language. It is deceptive. Must meaning may (you may). Understand meaning to stand under (hence why a policeman asks Do you understand me?). Register meaning to hand over ownerSHIP.





Definition of Law

“That what must (*may) be obeyed and followed by citizens, subject to sanctions, or legal consequences, is a law.”

* Must in legal terms actually means may. So when they throw out threats to you in written form, you MUST do this, you MUST do that; they are actually giving you the choice that you MAY do it if you want. This agenda is all built on deception, choice and fear.

The whole trick is that it appears as FORCE, but there is always a choice of remedy. A lawful solution. It’s just up to us, if we CHOOSE to remain in ignorance, if we CHOOSE to allow ourselves to be deceived by their artful trickery and we CHOOSE to stay in FEAR.

Hadn’t we better stop being citizens (slaves) then. Hadn’t we better stop exercising the rules of the corporate laws.

Traveling is a lawful term.   Driving is a legal term.     Traveling is a right.   Driving is a privilege.

Law effectively is just private copyrighted rules, which have been administered by private courts and owned by the private International Bar Association, through deception – therefore fraud.

Duty = an important word and position. It is our duty to perform our natural rights. Not our duty conform to private usurpers. It is duty to do what is right, lawfully, ethically, spiritually.


The Freeman philosophy is not claiming to be above the law. It is acting within duty, within the real natural laws.


Getting our property registered, or obtaining permits and licenses, really is only asking permission to do what is our natural right and asking to own what is naturally ours. It is just allowing private swindlers authority for them to fleece and control us.


“We are in a voluntary society which is being run by a military corporation.” 

~ Clint Richardson


I would have preferred to have a central line down the middle of the page to show the differences between these two opposing areas. But instead I’ve just presented it as subtitles.


Tyranny (theirs)

  • commercial/corporate/commodity enterprises
  • private/commercial corrupt businesses
  • $$$£££ capitalism – means to control control control
  • political and demonic agenda
  • contract (law) contractual obligation
  • fleet/shipping/maritime/admiralty (law) law of the sea
  • man’s (law)
  • municipal corporation
  • positive + (law)
  • unnatural world
  • taxes, fines, penalties
  • UCC Universal Commercial Code. The police and courts are working purely with codes.
  • acts and legislation/legislative bodies
  • international/foreign (law)
  • enslavement by stealth
  • voluntary acceptance through deception, duplicity – all a lie, the big illusion
  • officers (of the sea)
  • presumed authority
  • military/militant force
  • police militarized FORCE (not public service)
  • dead corporate entities
  • non-jury courts = illegal
  • the PERSON – legal entity, chattel, stealth slavery, contacted voluntary servitude
  • The terms US = corporate America and UK = corporate Britain
  • Jewish monopolists, plutocrats, oligarchs, dictators


Natural realm (ours)

  • natural law/rights/man – anything pertaining to nature
  • living sentient beings – skin, flesh and blood
  • God’s law
  • (karmic law)
  • Common law
  • Magna carta
  • people’s militia (not military)
  • justice
  • lawful position
  • people courts with juries (court de jure)
  • law of the land – for the people, by the people
  • Freeman/woman-on-the-Land
  • sovereign being
  • case law
  • liability and responsibility – duty
  • self empowerment through choice – our consent or not
  • public

One area which was new to me, was the use of ‘legal’ and ‘statutes’ being neutral terms. I always thought they pertained to the opposite of lawful. I now understand these two terms/words apply to either side depending on how they are interpreted.


In a nutshell, this whole tyranny is hinged on presumed CONSENT. Our agreement, cooperation, acquiescence to their plans. Through accumulative daily choices. 

~ Digger


Counter argument to all this ‘theory’

“Yea well that’s all well and good Digger, but what good is it knowing all this when we have military law, with goons who will shoot first and ask questions later?”

A good question. But it does not matter. For sure, these corporate employees absolutely can do xyz to us. They can tazer us, they can shoot us, they can incarcerate us, but the point is THEY DO NOT HAVE OUR AUTHORITY. Everything they do is not within our laws, natural laws. This has to be our premise. This is about our ‘collective’ mindset. This is the important factor. That enough of us resist in a logical way with a full understanding of the game plan and the mechanics of how this cruel game works. This is vital information and an essential part of this agenda.

Like all of these subjects around this agenda, there is not a lot of point studying this subject and amassing heaps of information on it, if you’re not going to use it. I know many people who know much more than I do about the Freeman philosophy, having studied it for many years; yet what do they do when they get a parking fine? Moan about it, get angry and then immediately pay it. Enough said.


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  1. russ hook

     /  June 5, 2013

    Hi Digger, It is only about 2 years ago I ever paid a fine or complied to a court order. Before that I NEVER paid a nickel to the CORRUPT/CRIMINAL courts. Including thousands of dollars traffic fines! (over 40 years) I made 3 payments(total $150.00) to a POS who sued me, for evicting him from my home b/c he was stealing from me, and when confronted, he threatened me. 2 years after I evicted him he came back to steal some property in my yard. He then came back again unannounced to try to steal some more, and I gave him a good beating. I stopped payments, and haven’t heard from the drone since. I REFUSE to play their game, by THEIR rules, and I detest the COWARDS who pay up with no questions asked.


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