Goodbye Rebecca


Dr Rebecca Carley’s super powerful audio

Dear Dr Carley,

Thank you.

Thank you so much for all you have done for the BIG T for the last 16 years. The suffering and personal sacrifices you have made. All your effort. I have only stumbled across your work in the last six months or so. But have been very impressed. Your direct, straight-talking approach, common sense and intelligent input is incomparable.

A woman of my own heart; I/we can feel your frustration, with the maniacs, the traitorous assistants and of course the theme of this amazing podcast those that know but will not do. Not to mention the feeling of isolation.

What a powerful broadcast. I resonated so strongly with the tone of your voice. The incredulous nature of all this dark, bizarre, insane news – yet people STILL DO NOTHING. Truly incredible!

We hope you enjoy your well-deserved break. This is a sensible decision. One needs to detach from all this darkness and insanity every now and then. We very much look forward to your return.

Anyone in a position to help Dr Carley with a donation of appreciation for all she has done, please do.

This is not a hobby.

This is not a just another selfish interest.

This is literally life and death




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