Gentiles vs Gentiles


Sent with thanks from John Kaminski

I don’t want to see violence, plus I know that ultimately this is just a case of more Gentiles fighting Gentiles. This almost plays into the supremacist Jews hands – can you hear that Jewish fiddle again? We are going to see more of these scenes in all parts of the world.

But these double traitors in costumes had better wise up to who they are protecting, who they are selling their souls for.  They are increasingly becoming more and more unpopular. WAKE UP traitors – this is your last call. 

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  1. It still heartens me to see the blue helmets walking backwards.

    • Yea, hear your thoughts Mr B, I think secretly we all think this. We’re fed up with these sell outs. Tis them that is interfering with us having peace in this world. We’re fed up with people protecting criminals.

      Thanks for contributing and for all you are doing for the BIG T

  2. russ hook

     /  June 5, 2013

    Any drone with a ‘costume’ on is under some sort of MIND CONtrol . Most of them have no idea the TYRANNY their costumes re-present! They think they are offering SOLUTIONS, and are helping society, when the OPPOSITE is true. The problem is, most of the sheeple support them, and ENABLE them. IGNORANCE is the problem.


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