Could you just imagine ….

If the people in the streets were chanting hate speech about Jewish leaders, as they do about Muslims and the prophet Mohammed. 


If drones were attacking American cities or israel, as they do Islamic countries.


If one single newspaper plastered their anti-Jewish rhetoric across their front page, just as they project their anti-Islamic campaign.


If we had the exact same coverage of enforced empathy for all the real holocausts which have happened throughout history, as we have to put up with, with the Jewish holomyth. 


If israel had the same levels of race laws, and enforced immigration which are being imposed on westernised cities across the globe.


If for just one week, we in the Truthing community could have access to the entire main stream media, TV, entertainment, cinemas, magazines, etc. Oh boy. 


If synagogues were genuinely attacked by EDF style supporters, as are mosques today. 


If most Americans really knew how much they were financing that only democratic state in the Middle East -and why. 


If israel had to be included in the nuclear arms treaty – and had the same amount of attention Iran and Iraq had with their WMD inspections. 


If the Jews had to pay reparations for all the holocausts and genocides they have created throughout history. Ha – they would be bankrupt. 


If the same sentencing was applied to all the criminals creating wars, as is the INNOCENT people who are now rotting in prisons, due to trying to expose these criminals. 


If the Jewish-controlled MSM for once actually told the Truth



If we had sanity in this world.



If we had Truth, justice and peace.



Please feel free to make contributions to this post. I think this list could be endless.

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  1. Ravindra Patake (From India)

     /  May 30, 2013

    One Can avoid MSM, but identifying and avoiding Shills is difficult for most of the people.

    • Agree we’ve all been caught at some point or another. That’s why we must never let our guards down. We are all so desperate for a ‘fix’ for solutions, therefore we become vulnerable.

  2. Ravindra Patake

     /  May 30, 2013

    One More to this post…
    If Universities had allowed to teach real history of assassination of JFK, Tsar Nicolus, and of both funded world wars!

    • Yea Ravindra, that’s one part of it; but it’s the whole package. The complete academia foisted onto children as young as 3 years old, and the MSM, entertainment, advertisement, etc, etc, etc.

  3. Miss March

     /  May 30, 2013

    If our friends and family would realize that when they desire bad things to happen to Muslims today based on perceived bad behaviour by Muslims, they are echoing the sentiments felt about the Jews by those who truly experienced bad behaviour instead of this modern day concocted media propaganda.
    What if the Germans were actually trying to remove an ill in the most humane way possible? Is that not what the vocal anti Muslim group want? Get them out, send them home? We don’t want you?
    Can’t have it both ways, can we? Either Hitler’s way was bad and you should never persecute a group of people or it’s O.K. as long as that group is causing strife.

    • Perhaps you have heard of the Rosenbergs – the Jews who were convicted of treason for passing US nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. Well, it was another Rosenberg – Alfred Rosenberg – who created the ideology of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

      “The Zionists created the ideology of the Nazi regime through these men. The Russian Jewess Helena Petrovna Blavatsky gave these men their mystic aryanistic dogmas and mythologies. In 1893, Blavatsky created the dogma behind the adoption of the “Aryan” Swastika they and the Nazis adopted–from her. …

      It was something more than common interest and circumstances which drove Rosenberg (the creator of National Socialist policy) to attempt to fulfill “Herzl’s goals of a dramatic rise in international anti-Semitism, the distillation of Jews into segregated groups meant for deportation… and punishment of … Jews who had opposed the creation of a
      “Jewish State. ”


      Jews created Nazism. The main purpose of the hunt for Nazis was to shut the Nazi leaders up about the origin of Nazi anti-Semitism. Hitler was the son of a bastard Rothschild. It was the Rothschilds and Hitler who created Israel.

      1945 BBC Radio Broadcast Proves Hitler Suicide a Fraud

      Religious Jews have always created fear and hatred between Jews and gentiles as a way of keeping them from mixing. It has never worked and the vast majority of Jews today can not even trace their ancestry back to any Semitic ancestor.

      They are virtually all the descendants of converts to Judaism who converted during an proselytizing period which occurred right after the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in 70 AD. It was this proselytization which saved Judaism from extinction. The “Diaspora” and Masada are just as mythical as the Holocaust and the mythical Book of Ester. They are stories made up by rabbis to maintain Jewish solidarity and prevent the conversion of Jews to other faiths.

      Jews are victims, not of any “Holocaust”, but of their own religion which lies to them just as much as it lies to the gentile world.

      In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated child

      History of Circumcision

      Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.

      How the Israeli government terrorizes Israeli citizens

      IDF Captain Reuven Schossen: “Israel is an unhuman country”

      Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Reuven Schossen:
      [audio src="" /]
      [audio src="" /]

      • Welcome to DFT Ernest,

        I respect Daryl, but I don’t go along with this concept. I don’t trust the original sources. I trust the sources coming more from Deanna Spingola’s research.

        You have a BBC source and I don’t trust Douglas Reed as a reliable source.

        However, thank you for contributing.

  4. Grand Republic

     /  May 31, 2013

    Well some of the Muslims do pull the Jews are Nazi’s BS and that really makes me mad. Hitler was a friend to the Muslim world and helped the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.. He had Muslim Units in the German Armed forces.. SEE HITLER TRIBUTES GRAND MUFTI YOU TUBE… well now the Nationalists ,confused and divided picks a fight with a group who fights the NWO.. An error,and the Jews smile.. ..

  5. Nadine

     /  May 31, 2013

    If it helps any….we can’t stop this any more than anyone could stop
    the jews from having Christ tortured and murdered. He stopped Peter
    after he tried to stop Christ’s capture and told him that it was all preordained.
    To redeem all sins.
    Same now it looks like…more and more every day.

    Wish I was wrong.

  6. xuartema

     /  May 31, 2013

    Don’t you understand this is the world of SATAN ruled by SATANISTS ? If yes, therefore you just need to wait patiently for the return of JC by 2033 to correct all wrongs. Satan will be chained for 1000 years and the world will live in peace. Re-read the Book of Revelation please, especially the last 3 chapters.

    • Welcome to DFT X,

      I can’t prove you are wrong on this, you may well be right.

      However, who would want us to just go along with narrative? Think about it? Sit around, do NOTHING, and just wait patiently for some other entity do all the work for us.

      I refuse to buy this. Sorry X, but this laziness. This partially why we are this mess. We got ourselves in this mess, by allowing this dark force (be it satan) to enter into our lives by being spiritually lazy, by not caring about others. It is our fault, so we have to be big boys and girls and get ourselves out of it. This is true spiritual responsibility – this consciousness.

      Thank you for contributing

  7. Hungarian loyalist

     /  May 31, 2013

    Today in Hungary our Government,in an attempt to appease jewry,is proposing that ALL school children shall have to visit Auschwitz at some point in there school education,to be paid by the local councils (i.e. we tax payers) This indoctrination is in direct response to the challenge thrown down by Jobbik party and its ever growing strength,especialy amongst the youth.

    • Welcome to DFT HL,

      I’m sorry to hear this. Pretty much the same everywhere. It’s saddening, but I do believe because these people are junkies, they just will not be able to stop themselves and go too far, as they always have and then people will get it. It will backfire on them, then there will be a huge momentum.

      It’s their achilles heel.

      Thank you for contributing.

  8. I am just looking forward to the day. When as a Gentile you can say the word Jew!
    Without other Gentiles crapping there shorts!

  9. hating truth is the first qualification for being “Jewish”…

    a so-called “Jew” cannot be a “Jew” unless they Hate Jesus

    primarily because Jesus said emphatically to …..KNOW THE TRUTH

    the TRUTH is no one on Earth HAS to remain in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

  10. Judaism and Islam should be reclasified as mythology/governments, not religions. They are types of apartheid/communism and their laws are human rights violations. Christianity doesn’t have laws, but they are weak minded and easily fooled. If you speak badly of just one of these religions they will call you anti semetic,antichrist or anti Islamic, so it is best to speak of/keep all three in the same boat of false god worshipping mythologies/governments. These Religions have evolved into mental disorders, causing physical and psychological harms to their children. True peaceful religions don’t need guns, but these three cause major paranoid schizophrenic delusions so now they are all armed and dangerous. The freedom of religion’s right to bear arms is the recipe for Armegeddon.

    • I can only speak for myself and say I don’t like any boxes. IAMism. I don’t like separatism. That’s the only issue I have with any belief system which keeps people in clubs. Having said that I know some beautiful people who are religious and they are a huge benefit to society. I personally resonate more to an esoteric (inner) style spiritual belief system from a broad range of spiritual beliefs, such as Vedic and Sufi scriptures. Just no I AM labels. I also resonate with the words of Mohammed and Jesus. I think it is subjective. It’s just when people impose their beliefs onto society and become supremacists we have the issues. Pus the infiltration and pollution of the original messages.

      Thank you for contributing Frederick

      • Oh my gosh, Digger, Well, I don’t believe in prophecy and prophets who claim the supreme singularity spoke to them and gave them HIS laws to impose on all the others who Can’t hear voices and see visions? These halucinations were/are caused from delirium from untreated UTI’s and STD’s.There is no such thing as a talking god. If you tell a child that there is a god and He’ll get you if you are bad, is just a type of little white lie/mind control and sometimes the child grows up actually believing in these lies which turn into religions. So while there are religious people with good intentions, their faiths are still based on lies. Dig deeper, Digger! Study up on brain trauma. Remember that some of these scientist use science while others rewrite science into creation science fiction to support their model. It is necessary to use three or more different perspectives/points of view so we can vector into the truth easier.

      • In your humble opinion Frederick :-). It’s all subjective.

        I do know we are better off in a spiritually-disciplined society than an spiritually void society.

        GOD bless sir 😉

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  12. Israel is no more of a “democracy” than the US, which is not a “democracy” but a fraudocracy created by Judao-masonry.

    Israel has been described by former IDF captain Reuven Schossen as a “holy-archy” which discriminates against not only Arabs, Muslims, and Christians but also against secular Jews.

    Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Former IDF captain Reuven Schossen:
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]

    They are ruled by the same crowd who run the US. You can see the masonic eye and the 13 original colonies in the shape of a “Star of David” on our 1 dollar bills.

    In our so called “democracy” we get to choose which group of thieves and thugs are going to rob us and push us around from a preselected pack of sock puppets.

    They steal the value of our money every day without our consent.

    Who voted for that?

    They murder men women and children in foreign lands in our name and pay agent provocateurs to kill Americans to provide the pretext to do it in the name of “fighting terrorism.”

    Who voted for that?

  13. KittieKittie

     /  May 31, 2013

    ever heard about 1 jewish sexual deviant? i didn’t think so. everyone knows about the catholics.

    • Welcome to DFT Kittie,

      I had to roar laughing with your comment. I presume you are kidding Kittie. Have I ever heard of 1 jewish deviant? Errrhh yep – daily. For the hundredth time the Catholics have been usurped by JEWS. That’s why they wear skull caps and all the sexual deviancy is going on. Then they get the JEWISH controlled media to advertise this, to mock and destroy Christianity.

  14. Did Deanna Spingola see the Reichstag catch fire while riding her bicycle? Douglas Reed did. Did she attend the trial of the communists who were falsely accused of setting the fire? Reed did and he wrote a book about it.

    Was Spingola ever a reporter in Germany during the Hitler era? Reed was, and he forced his way into a Jewish store past a German guard who was enforcing the one day boycott of Jewish stores by the Nazis. When was this boycott? On April Fools day. Get it?

    Did Deanna ever meet Hitler personally? Reed did, and he talked to the concentration camp inmates who confirmed his belief that Jews made up no more than 10% of the inmate population. For this knowledge Reed was spied upon and boycotted by the ADL – the baby that Jewish Freemasonry gave birth to.

    Reed is the most reliable primary source on World War II; bar none. It is from Reed that we know that there was an organized effort to portray Jews as the sole victims of the Nazi regime by falsifying news reports. Reeds own reports as a journalist were falsified.

    And the fact that a BBC source reported the faking of Hitler’s death makes the BBC broadcast even more credible because it is now the official British government lie that Hitler died in the bunker.

    Hollywood itself confirms the fact that Hitler’s body was never found in the 1955 movie “Guys And Dolls” starring Frank Sinatra and Marlin Brando in the scene where Nathan Detroit (played by Frank Sinatra) is asked by Angie

    “Guess who’s sittin’ in Mindy’s right now, eatin’ a steak breakfast.”

    And Detroit says sarcastically “Hitler.”

    This shows that In 1955 everyone knew that HITLER’S BODY WAS NEVER FOUND.
    Just like in 9/11 since they could not refute the facts they ridiculed the “conspiracy theorists” and kept repeating the BIG LIE.

    As in the movie “Hitler:The Last Ten Days” where British actor Alec Guinness playing Hitler kills himself in the bunker. Seeing is believing right? No. Seeing an actor playing Hitler shooting himself in the mouth when Hitler’s body was never found is brainwashing. It is propaganda – a big lie.

    Now we know the reason why the body made up to look like Hitler was declared by the doctors to be a “bad double.” It is because it was the body of a woman – as DNA test later revealed.

    • Thank you Ernest,

      However we have to accept to some degree, all our information is subjective, in that we choose who we decide we believe. It’s sometimes a case of “My information is better than your information” 🙂

      But having said that, it is built on trust. It is because you TRUST D. Reed’s work and your opinion that you are running with. We have to ‘believe’ what our sources are telling us. We don’t know for sure Reed or Deanna’s sources are telling the Truth.

      In my humble opinion I trust Deanna’s plethora of historical scholars than Reed. It is not necessary Deanna who claims to be there in these situations, but she can objectively provide information with the weight of a huge volume of detached, objective eminent scholars over many many years of independent research.

      We can go round and round with this one Ernest.

      Thank you for contributing all the same.

  15. toinennakemys

     /  July 31, 2013

    Douglas Reed was a pupil of Lor Northcliffe. Reed said that Northcliffe was a good englishman. Every jew was a good englishman who did not support the founding of the jewish homeland in palestine (said Douglas Reed).

    Douglas Reed lied much about nazis in his book the comtroversy of zion. In a wery silly way that only readers of the Daily mail or other cheap papers of Northcliffe would believe and I think that very few of them either.

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