All the world is a stage


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I do believe the soldier was killed, this was indeed to whip up an anti-Islamic frenzy and for many reasons which I have stated. However I believe he was not killed as the JMSM informs us. I  believe he was killed separately. These maniacs always do things for multidimensional reasons. It is respect for the soldier, his loved ones and everybody this Truth must come out.

I must maintain, it is important we don’t get caught up in our differences of opinion on this one. We must all agree there is a 800 pound JEWISH gorilla in the living room and it’s affecting ALL of us. Behind every rock, there always is a star of david. This should be our main focus point and point of agreement. We have to bear in mind this video and topic matter is really just another HOW and not WHO. This is how the 9/11 groups are able to so easily distract us and keep us endlessly entertained ……always in the HOW – never the WHO.


Here is a very interesting comment I received during the week

OK – here’s the scenario for Woolwich….

They (MI5 whatever) target the 2 ‘attackers’ and get to know everything about them. The fit the profile of who they want and Adelbolajo had some form. They set them up for some crisis acting in a film that’s being done for some tele programme – (those guys may not have had any affinity with muslims whatsoever so it’s no skin off their noses either way – or they’ve been paid to check out Anjem Choudery as ‘spies’.

The scene is set for them to do their play-acting and they have been given a car to crash into a dummy. They crash into a lamppost and someone creeps out with a realistic film-quality dummy (it’s a film so it’s not going to raise the 2 guys own suspicion) which they then start to hack around. There are no films of any of that part of the action.

MI5 have already got their target soldier set up who is discreetly ‘taken out – bumped off’ somewhere else (in an ambulance most likely) and probably beheaded in the same manner. They do need a proper body as there has to be a grieving family, undertakers, a proper military burial.

Now from that point, the rest of it is play acting with the public bemused by what is happening. Play acting police in the background told to hang back because there might be a bomb. Until the real Trojan lot turn up – which I am inclined to think they tasered both guys – but they could have well shot and injured them – or even killed them outright. The 2 ‘mock terrorists’ are taken away to ‘their’ hospitals to be processed.

Just another fairy story….

Plus I think this is the sort of scene with Sandy Hook and even Boston. I think there’s genuine killings and injuries in with the make-believe stuff – just to keep everyone convinced they know the real story but they are only seeing one side.



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  1. Miss March

     /  May 29, 2013

    Based on what the gut alone says…they are all fairy stories told to nations of perpetually scared children. We cover our eyes so we don’t see how blatant the fabrication is. Part of the journey for me has been to learn to let go of this symptom and focus on what the outcome they would want to have happen. Gun control? More CCTV intrusions? More security checkpoints? Will we eventually lose custody of our children because we endanger them by not letting them be afraid of the boogeyman?
    More questions than answers I am afraid. Maybe then just turning off the media and keep watch on legislation while using your strengths and talents to open the eyes of the ones who have yet to return to their humanity.

    • Agree MM,

      yes, this was the point I made with Mark Glenn the other day on the broadcast (sorry about appalling recording). And as I mentioned in this essay, it’s the direction they want us to go and the results they will gain, whilst some of us are bickering on the HOW. Saying that, I also thought it was not worth ignoring is information.

      Thank you for contributing again.

  2. I totally agree with Miss March. We must always concentrate on what the purpose is for the particular event/operation. While we naturally want to analyze the details of the event–the how–we can look at it from 3 levels of reality:
    1) it was a complete hoax, a staged event using actors, fake bombs and blood, etc.
    or 2) the FBI or MI6 manipulated patsies into placing “fake” bombs somewhere for a drill but actually used real bombs, taking the event live. Patsies are killed so they can’t talk.
    3) the event happened just as the mainstream media reported.
    While the analysis might be fun and necessary, THE WHY IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE END.

    • Totally agree. You have a sound mind Patty. Glad you’re in the fight and on our side.

      Thank you again for contributing


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