Digger is a SHILL!


It’s official! 


At least once a week I get accused of being a shill :-). It does make me chuckle I must admit. Me?? I think to myself…. Ohh, if you only knew the struggle, how tough it is to survive whilst doing this draining work. To borrow a quote from Keith Johnson “Where’s the f**kin cheque then?”

If I’m part of all this, why is life so hard? Well I know they do also carry out mind control. But what would my agenda be?

I can’t get it?? But these people throw out these snipes and accusations, but then don’t follow through with any reasoning why they have their suspicions. Like a list 4/5 or even 10 reasons why I am a shill.

It’s the same with the anti-semitic slur. I get that daily. So come on, back up what you say. Let’s look at what a semite is. Lets break it down shall we.

It’s the same as people bleating “You don’t give solutions – I want someone else to give me solutions” See 4 Cornerstones essay below for my comments on this subject.

And of course it’s the same for the constant accusation “It’s not the Jews” Ohh dear. Yet, again all these people do, is say It’s not the Jews, it’s not the Jews in isolation.  And never back up their claims with any alternative with substantial evidence. They may throw out a one-liner “It’s the Jesuits” or “It’s the masons” whatever. But never ever backed up. When you PROVE to them that whoever they suggest are behind this agenda, the Jews are behind it all, they never get back to you with a strong counter argument – or apology.

Of course there are going to be some clowns out there who will say – “Yea well, that’s why your putting this post up, as a double bluff.” And round and round we go.

They just like to throw out accusations, stir up doubt in the discussion and of course to stall time. Not an ounce of substance to their accusations.



So these days when I get accused of being a shill, I look at it in a couple ways. 


1/. I view these people fitting into these four groups:

(i) Lazy idiots – in that they couldn’t have looked at the volume of my work.

(ii) Ignorant people – just inexperienced people who haven’t done their homework, and haven’t dug deep enough into these issues.

(iii) Saddos – just wanting to get a reaction.

(iv) Trolls/opposition – just trying to create problems and stir up doubt in people.

All of these people throwing out unsubstantiated evidence, backed up by nothing – ZERO evidence, just suspicion, just void accusations.



2/. But a part of me is sort of pleased

I’m glad in a way that people are keeping a sceptic mind and not aimlessly following. Because that is dangerous. That’s one of the main reasons why we’re in this mess. I’m sure we’ve all met people who have loyally followed Alex Jones for many years, yet not a seed of doubt has entered their minds. This obviously is a lazy, unhealthy approach to looking at alternative information.

I feel it is healthy to look at everyone as being potential controlled opposition, without necessarily getting paranoid. I feel we need to look at each person who is giving out information with these types of questions:


  • What is their message/s?
  • Are they constantly harping on about problems, problems, problems, or do they dare to mention the ROOT cause – the supremacists Jews?
  • Do they attempt to offer real viable solutions, or do they just bang on about the issues?
  • Do they recognise and include the metaphysical aspects of this agenda and steer people towards true spiritual values and spiritual disciplines?
  • Do they try their best to encourage and analyze resistance techniques. How to say “NO”?
  • Do they encourage or discourage violence?
  • Where are they directing you, even if it is only a few degrees off on a tangent?
  • Is their site a giving site, or just spinning you around in circles?
  • Who do they associate with (Alex Jones, etc)?
  • Do they apologise when they find out they have given out false information?
  • What other website/blogsite links do they have?
  • What advertisers do they promote?
  • Do they claim to know it all?
  • Are they a polished smooth act?
  • Do they have funding with influential main stream connections, even at a tentative level?

These are the deeper areas I feel we need to look at whenever we are visiting any sites. Even if they are offering ‘some’ great information. Everything they are putting out there and themes they are pushing must be analyzed.



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  1. Dr. Digga,

    If I may make a suggestion–View yourself as one of the few sane persons in an insane asylum, and I am not talking about the larger world around you, but rather ‘the movement’. It is a haven for malcontents and misfits who are looking for some place to grumble and who get their kicks clawing and scratching on anything that looks soft.

    Moreover, trust very few people. You will find it is those to whom you open your door when they come knocking in need who will after being let in, ransack the place and stab you in the back with no warning or reason whatsoever. Just because they happen to speak a dialect that sounds familiar to you does not mean they are your compatriots, and if they happen to be having a bad day, they will make sure that you have one as well.

    Keep up your great (and I would say incomparable) work for the greater good.


    • Many thanks Mark,

      I will take that advice from someone who’s done the rounds and opened many doors to many people.

      P.s…. your cheques in the post – 1st class to Tel Aviv office

  2. Egeria

     /  May 29, 2013

    My one and only Digger, working in the rain, wrting in a car, going to sleep when the birds already sing, worrying about the wellbeing of others, caring about our animal friends – always finding a good word and a gentle thought for each one of us.

    Doing God’s work.
    That’s Digger.

    • Very kind of you Egeria.

      In the car now ….3am

      Yep, a grand life this shilling.

      Thank you again for your kind comment and for all you are doing.

      Digger Rothschild

  3. dianrazak

     /  May 29, 2013

    OH MY GOD, you were justt about to give me heart attack! My heart just racing reading your tittle…:)) pheewww seriously I will be really heartbroken if Digger is a shill…I will cry for a week! :)))

  4. rehmat1

     /  May 29, 2013

    The Berlin-born Jewish professor Shmuel Almog (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), has claimed that the term with hyphen and without it has different meanings. The term ‘Antisemitism’ was coined by Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s. It was applied to European Christians who hated Jews. However, when it’s written with hyphen ‘Anti-Semitism’ – it means hatred toward Semite people who are found in far greater numbers among Arab Muslims and Christians than the entire world Jewry.

    Incidently, professor Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok (University of Wales) who has authored three books on Jew-hatred (The Crucified Jew: Twenty Centuries of Christian Antisemitism and Antisemitism: A History and The Paradox of Antisemitism) has always the term without hyphen.


  5. Well, DIgger, even if we don’t agree on a few things, I would not think you’re a shill and wouldn’t call you that. And though I’ve been given a bit of a hard time on your blogsite (tho; not by you, by people I cannot agree with on much of anything..), I don’t know why people would call you that.

    Do me one favor, though; if you’re going to do another radio show, and i hope you will, please fix your mic (or get a headset?). I couldn’t hear much of anything you said, on the show with Mark last night, and I would like to be able to hear…, okay? I know I heard some feedback, but i also thought it sounded like you were underwater. Were you bathing or doing dishes while on with Mark?

    I still don’t know why anyone would consider you a shill, even if you have sound problems.., or I have problems hearing your words. And, no, it’s not the accent; it’s the sound.

    Love the cat pic!

    • Hi Anne, welcome to DFT.

      Sorry if you have been given a hard time on my blog.

      Yes, yes, yes – it was an appalling reception/sound. I agree. It was nobodies fault. As you say like being in goldfish pond. I will have to try and sort out a Sykpe connection. I did the interview via my cheapy mobile/cell phone.

      Thank you for contributing


  6. Steve

     /  May 29, 2013

    It was great hearing you on last night’s show. You should take Mark up on his suggestion that you have your own slot. We’d listen!

    • Thank you Steve, welcome to DFT.

      It is very kind of Mark to offer, even though I have the sound quality problems.

      There are many reasons why I can’t at present: time, commitment, confidence, etc. I may get around to doing the odd independent podcast as practice – to get more voice confident, but I’m also so inconsistent and would hate the idea of being tied to a weekly slot, it would become a drag. I have enough on my plate with my various activities. I’m such a lone wolf too Steve. If I get some free time, I will try with the podcasts and just post them from time to time.

      Thanks for your support

  7. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  May 29, 2013

    Congrats Digger! You just made the Big Time.

    • Thanks Val, yep, got a nice little pad down there in my underground basement. All set up for the big showdown

  8. aj

     /  May 29, 2013

    Belly laughs, Digger! Down on all fours laughing! many thanks as always.

  9. I agree Digger! One reason I check out your posts and think you are straight up.
    Is because of your affiliation with Mark Glenn. A man that lived up to all the before mentioned criteria years ago. You are the company you keep. And your in great company!

    • Thanks Mark – yea but we’re both in on it together. He’s sitting next to me at the ‘special’ meeting in Watford

  10. Let me guess who made this latest accusation against you. Alex Jonestein?

  11. After much careful research, I found your true name to be Golddigger for truth. Time to change your name again. Tell Satanyahu (credit for name given to xmax as far as I know)”go to hell “for me next time you meet him at the whining wall. Would you stick a little note/prayer in the crack for me? My prayer:”may millions more shills such as Golddigger start spewing hasbara”

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