Shy guy – 3rd time lucky

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This is my third interview with Mark. It was a spontaneous invite, a couple of hours before Mark rang me whilst I was sleeping (doing some dream research). “Hey Digger, can you give us a report tonight about what happened in London?”Errr – nope.”

I didn’t feel I was any more wiser on the subject than someone reading about it on line from Melbourne or India. Also as many readers of DFT will know, I’m not a political head and I tend not to cover current affairs, as I explained; so this style of broadcast is not really my forte 🙂

Plus I’m not so vocally expressive at present. I feel more comfortable with scribbling posts. But I suppose we all have to ween ourselves from our comfort levels. There are a lot of people in this world who are not feeling comfortable within this tyranny. So we have do our bit for them.

It’s just a case of practice, practice, practice – pushing out our comfort boundaries.

Thanks God Egeria came on and saved my bacon; after I gave my initial take on things :-).

Sorry for the poor reception and echoing; it sounds like I’m in a goldfish bowl. The four main points I discussed are on the first link below.

I now strongly feel this was a false flag attack, a ‘hoax’, Even though the soldier was indeed killed, but not by two crazed Muslims who hacked off his head in broad daylight, then casually hung around to do interviews whilst waiting for the police to turn up. No way!

But as I mentioned, we must be careful not to get caught up with in-fighting over our differences of opinion. But instead focus on cui bono – the beneficiaries of all this. Which I strongly believe to be Zionist Elite Organised Supremacist Jews.

Thank you again Mark for the opportunity to express this.




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Morris’s point about us not getting distracted in whether this was a hoax or not:

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  1. Digger, thank you once again for a wonderful discussion. You don’t give yourself near enough credit.


  2. you invoice ME, since I am the one more indebted.

    • Right you are – I’ll send it on to the Tel Aviv address as usual.

      (now that’ll get’em gossiping)

  3. lol. they gossip enough already. This one may cause the top of their heads to blow off like volcanoes

  4. Dian Razak

     /  June 1, 2013

    I am listening to you right now Digger SIr :))) it feels so unreal hearing your voice :)) you are the FIRST British man that i really really really like and fond of, i hate British for what they’ve done to Palestinian giving away the land that’s not even theirs in the first place to israHELL.Anyway, justt wanna say i feel really stoked hearing your voice for the first time! :)) Have a Blessed Sunday!

    • Thank you Dian,

      I tell you it feels unreal hearing my own voice – Ohhh embarrassing. Hate hearing my own voice. Monotone and stern :-). I’m so stiff when I talk on the radio, unrelaxed. Plus as I say I wasn’t really prepared for this interview and I was a fish out of water as politics is not my forte.

      Oh well, it ain’t about me. It’s trying to help the situation.

      Don’t blame you for hating the British. Try hard and not hate ANYONE. I know it ain’t easy. I don’t even hate these supremacist Jews, their all conditioned in this mass mind control project we call planet earth.

      There are beautiful and nasty people in ALL nationalities. We have to be careful of boxing people up in huge groups of good and bad. There are many Jews I met I would prefer to have a neighbours than many many dodgy Gentiles I’ve observed.

      Every day when out and about I observe the irritating comatised Brits. But I know there are also some beautiful switched on people. Same everywhere, in every country.

      Sorry, I know you know this, just we need to remind ourselves of this.

      The British, were really the controlling Jewish bankers, not the average British. Like the British and Americans were not really behind the African slave trade, it was the Jewish controlled interests.

      I accept each person, each soldier is responsible and these bankers are not able to create wars if people don’t go along with it. But I excuse the soldiers years ago as they really didn’t have any other sources of alternative information. They really thought they were doing good. They were tricked. There is no excuse today though now we have the internet. This is just laziness and stupidity going off to murder innocent people through trust in the MSM without researching it independently.

      Thank you for the positive feedback and encouragement anyway Dian.

  5. Dian Razak

     /  June 1, 2013

    oopss this is still Saturday…Have a Blessed Saturday Digger ❤

  1. Forbidden News » Shy guy – 3rd time lucky

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