I understand Chris’s diplomatic stance in being accommodating to Brian, but I really think this is being far too generous with this shill. Brian is dangerous to the Truth, he clearly is a subverter. He should not be trusted whatsoever.

But that’s the whole point with these shills; you warm to them because of their endearing nature. Brian Gerrish is the darling gentlemen of the British Truth movement. He’s the guy we WANT to save the day. We WANT to have trust in someone like him. After all he wears a tie, and is articulate and delivers a message in a professional way – he must be on our side – mustn’t he??

Please don’t be fooled by these shills. That’s exactly how they operate. It’s like saying I bought a dodgy car from that bloke on the corner – but he was a really nice, he had nice teeth. Don’t forget Tony Blair is a really nice bloke, he smiles a lot and he’s got nice teeth……but he’s a psychotic mass murderer.

We have got to get over image and perception and learn to look at people’s deeper message. After all, these criminals work their magic through deception and perception. They are the best tricksters in town. We have to look at where are they taking you? Where are they maintaining you? Keeping you in the same spot, or a little journey but still back to the same spot? Always keeping us on a relentless hamster wheel, never seem to be getting anywhere, just all talk. Are they always avoiding the ROOT cause and avoiding deeper solutions?

These are deeper questions we need to be looking at with anyone who is at the forefront of any movement. And I mean anyone. Despite how many people tell you he is ok, or she is ok. What does YOUR intuition tell you? Do not trust anyone completely is a golden rule. Trust only your trilogy (mind, heart and gut feeling).


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