Thank you


just for the record

I’d like to thank you

we’ld like to thank you

yes you

you, who think you’re insignificant

we’ld like to inform you – you ain’t

you certainly are not insignificant

the bits n bobs you are doing on a regular basis 

has absolute value

all your accumulative acts 

your selfless acts

you are appreciated

thank you

thank you so much for all your effort

thank you so much for your input

thank you so much for giving

all your talent, skills, experience, knowledge

thank you for sharing

when you could be getting on with so much else in life

chasing mammon

or appeasing your ego

but instead, you’ve chosen not to sell out

instead, you’ve chosen to do your bit

the right thing

to get stuck in and make an effort

taking risks

willing to make mistakes 

and trip up from time to time

just having a go

thank you my friends

the respect we have for you – you just cannot imagine

and you know who you are

you in the background

just quietly doing your bit

the knocks you’ve taken over the years

the abuse, the slander 

the risks, the attacks

the crap

the ridicule 

from family members, partners, friends, colleagues, the authorities, neighbours and strangers

all for altruistic reasons

for the Truth

your ancestors would be proud of you

your family will eventually be proud of you

we are proud of you 

and you ought to be proud of yourself

all you beautiful, righteous people



love n respect




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  1. Egeria

     /  May 27, 2013

    I chime-in with you, dear Digger, to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to all the wonderful people who selflessly engage in this seemingly rewardless battle.

    Though right now the future may look bleak, I am reminded of Mark Glenn’s words, saying we are accumulating a wealth of precious input, and one day this treasure will ‘buy’ us the victory over Evil.

    But most and foremost, I want to thank you, dear Digger.
    I know what you go through, physically, to manage your blog and send us your mails.
    You are my inspiration.


  2. Jc

     /  May 28, 2013

    And a big thank you to you digger

  1. Forbidden News » Thank you
  2. Thank you

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