no you don’t!


please stop pretending


please – we know you don’t really care

I mean really – deep down

you hang about

you do stacks and stacks of browsing

but you don’t really care

you are a pretender

you are a comfortable browser

you are not passionate about finding solutions

or you wouldn’t be asking others for solutions

you would just know what to do

you are a Truth hobbyist

be honest

you have other ‘priorities’ in life

selfish interests

your comforts

sorry to be sharp with you

but this is the Truth

and you know it

you don’t care – well not enough

otherwise you would be a doer

you would be rolling up your arms

getting stuck in and getting things done

but you’re not – and that’s the reality

you browse and browse and browse

and more browsing 

but never do

so please – don’t pretend

that you care – enough

that you are concerned – enough

that you are bothered – enough



not you don’t!

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