4 Cornerstones


I feel as a spiritually-orientated resistance movement; we should embrace these four fundamental cornerstones: 

1/. Resistance – saying “NO”, and meaning it.

2/. Propagating – to new blood, beyond the choir.

3/. Having a definitive MO – getting ourselves organised at grass roots level, not necessarily online – being extremely mindful of infiltration.

4/. Embracing spiritual self-discipline – with a mature direction towards consciousness. Clean up, pure up and tap in. 



Additional notes on solutions

It’s quite incredible I occasional get commenters saying “Yea but what about solutions – you don’t offer solutions?” So I ought to address this subject with these three points.

1/. I’m a chippy

I swing a hammer for a living. I’m a carpenter who comes home from work knackered and does his best to try and address these serious issues; tapping away on my keyboards with sawdust in my hair and primer on my hands. That’s it. That’s all I can do.

I’m not funded, trained, nor have international high profile connections. I have zero experience in political commentary and I’m limited in communication skills. But I’m just compelled to have a go. Most of my posts are just glorified rants because of my outrage of what’s going on out there. THAT IS NORMAL BEHAVIOUR.

If I was not outraged, I would be damaged. Of course I’m going to rant about these murdering criminals, of course I’m going to rant about these traitorous sell out Gentiles directly assisting their Jewish masters for their Pavlovian rewards. Of course I’m going to be ranting about everyone around me either not paying attention, or not really caring. Because these serious issues bother me. I’m just naturally expressing them – even if it’s just for prosperity or cathartic reasons. This insanity in the world has to be at least documented. And I’m just another voice, with a intraspective take on things.



2/. Stop being lazy

And I have addressed solutions – again and again. It’s only because these people are too stupid or lazy that they haven’t spotted my page devoted to SOLUTIONS. It’s aptly titled “Suggested Solutions” (link below). One only has to take a three second glance at the top of the page to see it.

I’m not saying it is perfect, or the be all and end all, but I don’t know what more I can do :-). My whole blog is replete with solutions. I weave solutions and hint about solutions throughout every collection of posts. Endlessly expressing the ROOT cause, therefore the solution. I repeatedly talk about looking towards spiritual solutions from the various spiritual scriptures. The need for us to clean up, become spiritually-disciplined, go within, pure up.

I also go into great detail about methodologies on physical Truthing – again devoting a whole page to this subject (link below). I even talk about equipment, even clothing to wear when out on the street, delivery of our message, top tips on what to say, what not to say when communicating. I talk about the psychology of interpreting our message, breaking down the various personality types we have to deal with. I talk about responding in situations and to this agenda as opposed to reacting.

I have also devoted a whole page to the pragmatic approach to resisting the legal/contract law with the Freeman/woman-on-the-land. The page is titled FMOTL (link below). Trying to help people through the complexities of the legal system and how to resist it. With books, websites, forums, template letters, laminated cards to carry, case studies, lectures, articles, contact groups etc, etc.

And on and on and on I could go, with methodologies and approaches I have tried in vain to help (never once claiming to be an expert). Just trying to help. Sharing my many years of activism experience. Just doing my bit.

So can these lazy idiots please explain to me, how I have not attempted to tackle solutions??? 🙂



3/. Bleating lamb

These days anyone who bleats out the phrase “I want solutions – give us solutions” is quite pathetic. Why do we always have to follow? It’s because we have been bleating following lambs we are in this mess.

It’s obvious what we have to do – blatantly obvious. All we need to do is do the opposite of what we are being forced to do.

They want us to eat junk food – we don’t.

They want us to use pornography – we don’t.

They want us to get stupified on booze – we stop getting drunk.

They want us nullified and apathetic on weed – we stop puffing.

They want us to shop in their kosher supermarkets – we don’t, we buy in local independent shops and support farmer’s markets.

They want to enforce Orwelian unlawful legislation – we tell them to stick it.

They want us to watch TV – we smash it up and sling it up the dump.

They want us to turn away from spirituality and self-discipline – we do our best to turn towards spirit lifestyles.

We do everything we can to go in the opposite direction these demonic maniacs want us to go. How much more simple does the solution have to be?

Now why do we need someone else to tell us this obvious  route??

Anyone who is bleating out “Help me, help me” is already a lost lamb and I don’t know if there is hope for these sheople.

If you were outraged enough – I mean really really pissed off about this situation…… YOU WOULD NOT BE ASKING OTHERS TO LOOK FOR SOLUTIONS FOR YOU. Because you would know in your heart exactly what to do.

Any solutions are within us anyway. Look within. The kingdom of God and all our answers are within.

My suggestion to these people is go off and join a table tennis club. You are better off to society just sticking with that. Because you are dangerous to the movement hanging around online cluttering up forums and dumping stupid comments without putting a scrap of thought into what you first say. So go away, go on, clear off, your a nuisance.


A baby lamb bleats.


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  1. russ hook

     /  May 27, 2013

    Hi Digger, good on yah for swinging a hammer. At least you are producing something creative instead of SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF SOCIETY like the MONEY-CHANGERS/JEWS do! After years of research I have seen on almost every level those who make the most money usually do the MOST DAMAGE! Those who produce something worthwhile have to struggle to make ends meet. It’s a corrupt agenda for sure. With me, it is more what I DON’T do/support than what I do. I don’t support corrupt/criminal corps. like WalMart etc. I don’t drive a car. I am 35 year veggie, now vegan, so I DON’T support that SLAUGHTER. I have grown a garden for 10 years. I don’t support most of the criminal SYSTEMS that CONtrol us. The only thing mainstream I look at is my hockey games/team on TV which I enjoy. I have approached a few pro hockey players about a veggie diet, and super-foods to heighten their performances on the ice, but I usually get ignored. I do spread the message trying to wake up as many as possible. I attend local rallies. Like you said, I couldn’t live with myself WITHOUT doing something. When there is no left who is supporting this evil we will finally be free.

  2. anon

     /  May 27, 2013

    I liked the previous comment which shows people are getting the message, the current conflict on London’s streets between Muslims and British people is fake, remember the mossad motto
    “By way of deception thou shalt do war” and thats what they set people against each other and loan them the money to fight at great interest.
    W W 2 was a classic war fought for jews, but no more, no Syria and no Iran tell the people your family the soldiers they meet they are fighting wars for Israel

  3. Richard S

     /  June 28, 2013

    Ha-Ha wow that is really good to hear somebody say that about Israel, because everybody in my family, and everybody I am trying to wake up think I have lost my mind! Are you experiencing these very frustrating problems? Well God protect us & our paths that lie ahead! And somebody please respond to this post because I am convinced our communication is severed!

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