inside job



Here are a collection of facts

Tomatoes are red

Monkeys are hairy

Rain is wet

People get old and die

Cotton wool is soft


The twin towers was not a Muslim job but a Jew job

There were not German death camps, but internment/labour/containment camps

We can’t trust the government, because as they’re Jewish-controlled, their intent is to enslave and kill us

We can’t trust the media, because as they’re all Jewish-controlled, they perpetually lie to us

We can’t trust the legal system, as it’s entirely Jewish-controlled, it’s designed to work against us

All structured dogmatic religion has been infiltrated at certain degrees to focus entirely on the exoteric, with avoidance of the complete esoteric (inner) message

We are living in a mass mind control project


All matter is a collection of molecules 

These molecules are made up of atoms

Proton (+), neutron (0) and electron (-) atoms are vibrating at various speeds

Metallic atoms vibrate at super fast rates, compared to the atoms of soft fabrics

All this variation of atomic energy is a vibrational force

Anything that vibrates is not real (reality)

Everything in your life is energy

Energy is simply consciousness

Everything is consciousness

We manifest our world of matter through our collective consciousness

Our world on our screens in front of us, is in fact not in front of us, but more our projected consciousness

Internal conceptual interpretations viewed as matter-based reality

Your world of matter is simply a mass of vibrational energy – therefore not real

What you experience in your life as reality – is an illusion

Our whole existence – out there – is actually in here

All the good and bad in the world WE have created

This is the deepest level of spiritual responsibility

Fix the inner to fix the outer

This is the essence of the kingdom of God is within

We literally manufacture our life drama

Our inner consciousness is our outer consciousness

Through our collective inner pollution, we create our outer worldly pollution

Likewise, through our collective inner beauty, we create our outer worldly beauty

True science once again joining hands with true spirituality

This is our final WAKE UP stage

We are living in a dream state (Maya)

These are all indisputable facts



Therefore we have the universal empowerment to alter things in our world, through our collective states of consciousness



It’s all an inside job



True awakening only comes to us when we realise that everything in our lives is an illusion. An illusion, a spectacle that we have created through our consciousness. This is true spiritual responsibility; knowing that we have created everything we witness. 

Every experience and every observation. 

It is only when we come to this point of realisation, can we fully recognise the Truth. 

The Absolute Truth – consciousness.


Supportive notes

  • In no way am I knocking religious scripture, just the format we have today as far as westernised structured religious congregation. In all faiths. I do not like the way it is packaged to keep the receivers passive (just like receiving information from a TV).
  • I also do not like the over dominance on the exoteric (yang) message; as I feel we should include both exoteric and esoteric (yang and ying) elements, to make it more complete.
  • In addition I am aware the true essence of the prophet’s message has been lost through deliberate infiltration over the centuries.
  • Having said all of that, I recognise the importance of gaining so much from regular spiritual reading – combined with spiritual meditation and prayer. Absorbing the universal elements from a comprehensive range of original spiritual scripture, has an amazing, almost magical, positive effect on one’s life; and is an absolute necessity in healing our ill-disciplined, materialistic, spiritually void society.
  • With regards to the area of nature of reality – consciousness. Please do not allow David Icke’s version of this topic to put you off this vitally important subject. Our adversaries do not want us to understand and truly know this ancient knowledge – these facts. So what do they do – they muddy the water by getting people like Icke to mix this important subject in with all of the other nonsense he talks about.



The topic of consciousness is THE most important topic of this whole conspiracy – because it is the whole conspiracy. 



These people (or this demonic force) pollute food, they pollute religion, they pollute education, they pollute sex – what have they not polluted and distorted? Therefore they absolutely have to pollute this vitally important message in order to sillyfy it; in order to make people ignore it.






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