And we’re the racists?



Israeli Airport Sorts Passengers with ‘Jewish Stickers’ and ‘Arab Stickers’

The Zionist Supremacists use stickers on passports of passengers at Tel Aviv airport in order to determine who is a Jew and who is not—and then treat them differently, it has been revealed.

The incredible further example of blatant Jewish Supremacist racism—which is directly subsidized to the tune of over $8 billion per day by the American taxpayer—was unknown outside Israel until Palestinian Christian singer Mira Awad recently revealed it in a status update on her Facebook page after clearing passport control at Tel Aviv airport.

Awad, who is a a celebrity in Israel who has participated in the Eurovision, the Israeli version of “Dancing with the Stars” and is also known for her role in Sayed Kashua’s television sitcom “Arab Labor,” also revealed that the Israelis used to use completely different stickers on passports to mark out Jews from non-Jews, but that recently this was changed slightly to “make it less visible to the trained eye.” Nowadays, the stickers are the same color, but are slightly different sizes.

As Awad explained on her Facebook page: (original in Hebrew)

So, I was checked at the airport, they asked the questions, put the stickers on, and I proceeded to the X-Ray machine. Suddenly, the young security man comes to me: “Mira? Mira Awad?”

Me: “Yes?”

Security man: “Can I see your passport? There’s a mistake with the sticker.”

I almost told him: “No, you’re not mistaken, I see you put the right one on — the sticker for Arabs”, but I didn’t say that (security people have their humor extracted during their preparatory course).

I gave him my passport, he opens it, takes off the sticker in the passport and on the suitcase and puts on a new one, different, the same color but smaller.

Now the dilemma. On the one hand it’s obvious the young man has just made my life easier by putting on the sticker for Jews.

On the other hand, it’s one of the things that it’s hard to say thanks for. I mean, thank you for not considering me a terrorist any more?

Thanks that someone whispered to you, “it’s Mira Awad,” so the “Awad” isn’t scary anymore?

Thanks for upgrading me to a Class A citizen? I turned into one of “ours,” or actually one of “yours.”

A small sticker that carries with it such huge humiliation, and today even enfolds stupidity.

Because since they cancelled the stickers with different colors, which we protested, they made new stickers with less recognizable differences to the inexperienced eye, and here they are embarrassing themselves with unaware patronizing like, “Let’s award you with the status of a privileged person!” — so you don’t say that we aren’t humane.

By the way, it happened to me also last week, when a senior security man who wanted to “show off” (maybe you’ll say he wanted to joke around, but we’ve already concluded that he doesn’t know how to joke around, see earlier “extraction of humor”) and asked one of his employees to get me one of the “regular” stickers and then winked at me as he continued to speak him: “Can’t you see it’s Mira Awad?”

So, the conclusion is, if you’re Israeli and your name is Awad – you better be famous! If not, forget about the duty free! Yalla, I’m out of here. For now.”


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  1. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  May 25, 2013

    They really are pathetic. Really! Double Standards, lies, and deception coupled with a jaw dropping arrogance only synonymous with the supremacist Jew. It’s truly despicable behavior. No one wants them around; but try telling THEM that!

    • Yes, spot on again Val. And to think they push this victim historical labeling Hitler had to enforce with the Jew/star of David patch/label. Yet they are doing the exact same thing themselves.

      Yes, no one wants them around indeed.

      • 1bigcree Shadowhawk

         /  May 25, 2013

        With a Track Record of 109 expulsions from 85 Countries, Nations & Hamlets, over the past two-thousand years; who would want anything at all to do with them?

      • Quite! Only satan

  2. knowtoomuch

     /  May 25, 2013

    What about this vid about the crying family of the ‘beheade of London’ ???

    Are they ‘actors’ as well ?

    I’m a little bit confused here you see …

    • Thank you KNM,

      A tough one. I really think these people are grieving for their loved one. But this still does not rule out the possibility that the actual attack was a staged event.

      These maniacs will go to any extent. So they could have easily murdered the soldier at a separate time. And just carried on the drama scene to achieve their hegelian dialectic.

      I’m deliberately not putting out any information yet until more ‘proof’ comes to light. Because we can all be proved wrong. The Truth will eventually out.

      Yes, it can seem confusing.

      I feel we should try and resist reacting at all costs, detach and look at the bigger picture as far as cui bono. Who really is going to benefit from all this in the long run? No matter if this is a staged event or not. The usual suspects.

      Thank you for contributing

  3. knowtoomuch

     /  May 26, 2013

    Now you see why I prefer the ‘Boston one’ 😉

  4. Matthew/Boston

     /  May 26, 2013

    And news reporters in the U.S. will never ask Obama about this or anything of this nature because they (the reporter) will not be invited (by Obama’s staff) to future briefings or called upon to ask a question of the President for putting him on the spot with a difficult question. And asking the President about Jewish/Israeli racism would certainly put him on the spot and make him squirm. Celebrity reporters won’t take the chance at risking their crazy huge salaries.

  1. Forbidden News » And we’re the racists?

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