Illusion vs Reality



legal vs lawful

unnatural vs natural

contract law vs common law

force vs service

dead entity vs living entity

private vs public

law of the sea vs law of the land

legal title vs the real you

fear vs love

control vs freedom

corporate criminality vs Magna Carta

legislation vs law

false identity vs knowing thy Self

outlaws vs law abiders

statutes & ACTs vs natural laws

groupthink vs critical thinking

insanity vs common sense

illusion vs reality

insecurity vs consciousness

deception vs Truth 

slave vs sovereign being

fictional entity vs skin & flesh 

the PERSON vs human being

serving satan vs serving The Divine



Therefore these corporate officers of the the sea have as much authority over you as somebody in a costume (uniform) who works in Asda or Warmart.

Because …….not only are they operating fraudulently, but ………….




……….unless you give them your consent to having authority over you.



Therefore we have to stop contracting with these corporate employees.



you are not a person – you have a person



Further information on this important subject

FMOTL (page)

jus doin me job

Which side (page)

Inverted Reality

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  1. russ hook

     /  May 24, 2013

    I have told scores of IDIOTS this info about legal fiction. They just give that stooopified look back. It’s like I am speaking Chinese to them.

    • That’s because they’ve been stupified by judaified MSM and education indoctrination

  2. Checkmate

     /  May 28, 2013

    Regarding “serving satan vs serving The Divine”.

    Christianity has done more good than any other standard-to-live-by. But, there have been numerous documented corrupting infiltrators who have tarnished Christianity with aberrant behavior.

    The Judaics have latched on to satan as the antithesis of Christ. The Judaics have given credibility to the satan myth because the Judaics gleefully live satanic lives while promoting satanic behavior in order to extinguish Christianity.

    But, believing that belief in Christ will defeat Judaic satanism is futile. I state this as a lifelong Christian. Neither Jesus Christ nor satan exist… nor ever existed. The judaics have had every counter measure to Christianity in place for centuries. The Judaics are playing Christians like fiddles.

    Just as the Judaics have learned how to duck and dodge the US Constitution. The Judaics have mastered the art of exploiting the weaknesses of Christianity. The Judaics are sublimely clever at all that is “satanic”. They are the supreme liars. They are the ultimate deceivers. Christianity has become arrow in the Judaic quiver in the fight against humanity.

    Anyone who is relying on Christianity and its tenets to counter Jadaic satanism / Judaism would benefit immensely by watching (a few times before criticizing):

    Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

    • I kind of agree with you CM.

      I only mentioned this “satan vs The Divine” more as a generic theme.

      I agree, we should not be relying on any one belief system. because we all know deep down, it s as collective individuals doing something which is ultimately going to ‘fix’ this mess.

      Thank you for your link and for contributing.

  1. Forbidden News » Illusion vs Reality

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