Woolwich beheading – Hegelian Dialectic



A few quick notes on what I see are the main four reasons why the ZEOS agenda would create an attack. Afraid I had to rush this, I need to get this posted and out to Mark Glenn to tag on to a broadcast I did with him this evening. 


Woolwich (Southeast London) attackers Michael Adebolja conveniently titled by the main stream media “Mujahid” and his accomplice Michael Adebowale

1/. Divide n rule 

(i) Islamaphobia this was the words purported by the MSM of the attacker “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you” 

(ii) Race divisions

(iii) the cherry on top public vs the police



2/. Incrementalism Orwelian state 

Fear fear fear. More cameras, more control control control.

Police commander Simon Lechford said  “Police presence will be on the streets as long as necessary”



3/. Testers

(i) to what extent can we get the gullible goy to react

(ii) to test out all their useful idiots to see if they played out their perfect roles



4/. Motivation for the armed forces 

Keep the game plan going. There is sufficient apathy in the forces, an ‘awakening’ is happening. To get them all geared up. To justify murdering innocent people.



“I am both baffled and frustrated that children with average intelligence are able to pretty much work out the fundamentals of the Truth, just by casually browsing the internet after school. 

Yet our so-called ‘intelligence’ service, and police forces, who we pay to protect us; who’s full time careers are devoted to investigating terrorists and criminals, are unable to work things out. Truly shameful, truly astounding!”

~ Digger

Article I read out from the Telegraph


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  1. bigcree1

     /  May 23, 2013

    Those ‘Officials’ of whom we the people once thought were appointed to their positions to actually protect the interests of the former are in reality working for the hidden hand. Thus the Hegelian Dialectic now exposed for the common layperson to research and digest. If ever there were a critical mass occurring or the vital need for it; but now.

  2. Sent to me by e-mail:

    OK – here’s the scenario for Woolwich….

    They (MI5 whatever) target the 2 ‘attackers’ and get to know everything about them. The fit the profile of who they want and Adelbolajo had some form. They set them up for some crisis acting in a film that’s being done for some tele programme – (those guys may not have had any affinity with muslims whatsoever so it’s no skin off their noses either way – or they’ve been paid to check out Anjem Choudery as ‘spies’.

    The scene is set for them to do their play-acting and they have been given a car to crash into a dummy. They crash into a lamppost and someone creeps out with a realistic film-quality dummy (it’s a film so it’s not going to raise the 2 guys own suspicion) which they then start to hack around. There are no films of any of that part of the action.

    MI5 have already got their target soldier set up who is discreetly ‘taken out – bumped off’ somewhere else (in an ambulance most likely) and probably beheaded in the same manner. They do need a proper body as there has to be a grieving family, undertakers, a proper military burial.

    Now from that point, the rest of it is play acting with the public bemused by what is happening. Play acting police in the background told to hang back because there might be a bomb. Until the real Trojan lot turn up – which I am inclined to think they tasered both guys – but they could have well shot and injured them – or even killed them outright. The 2 ‘mock terrorists’ are taken away to ‘their’ hospitals to be processed.

    Just another fairy story….

    Plus I think this is the sort of scene with Sandy Hook and even Boston. I think there’s genuine killings and injuries in with the make-believe stuff – just to keep everyone convinced they know the real story but they are only seeing one side.

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