Mr Insecure


Any of us could be on the receiving end of this one day. Therefore this behaviour must be highlighted and STOPPED. This sad sad individual and his cohorts need to be arrested and put in a mental asylum. To think they expect respect from society and their families are proud of their social positions.

People need to know these people are employees of a PRIVATE corporation. So it’s equivalent of Warmart employees coming along to you and doing the same. They have no lawful authority over anyone, because they are working in the legal world NOT under lawful Common law under the Magna Carta. Desperately insecure fraudsters in costumes with ZERO authority, just FORCE.

Sourced from Buelahman

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  1. anon

     /  May 23, 2013

    the police have lost all public respect, the shooting 7 times in the head of a brazillian electrician on the underground was the last straw for the general public.
    this video shows the toerags that we now have as police, they see the public who pay their wages as the enemy, its time this was stopped,

  2. Jc

     /  May 23, 2013

    I’ve not looked into this further, but I’m guessing he’s not been punished in fact probably promoted 😉


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