Here we go again


problem – reaction – solution

those pesky Moozlems 

at it again

those barbaric peoples

in our civilized society

they’re not like us

when will they stop?

something must be done!

hegelian dialectic 

more legislation

more cameras

tighter terrorist controls

all for our benefits 

all of our safety of course

but something must be done!

the streets need more policing

more control



more control

more wars


perpetual wars

have we not seen this patten before?

deja vu

but anyway 



something must be done!



Police State U.S.A.


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  1. Just an observation – Daily Mail 25th May said that police were on the scene earlier than initially stated but were told not to intervene because there was a strong likelihood that the pair would be wearing hidden explosives strapped to them. Daily Mail 24th May stated that ‘Trojan’ (Trojan Securities Ltd – a military training and security corporation registered in Arkansas) turned up 20 minutes (traffic was bad!) after the event and a woman immediately shot the ‘perpretrators’. IF someone was thought to be carrying explosives, would they still risk shooting them? Or do they just shoot at their head? Really? There were apparently witnesses to the shootings so people were in the close vicinity – according to quotes from F*c*book….. hmmmmm – just an observation.

  2. Egeria

     /  May 24, 2013

    Digger, you nailed it ! bravo ! Kudos ! you’re the best !!!
    There are of course lots of controversies already going on about this story, that people lose sight of the main issue.
    … Well, the main issues are many, to be sure – one of them being that once more people pay attention only to what Muslims are being accused of, not to what is being done to them in their countries, where we (the West) kill them to do Israel’s dirty work (UGGGHHH GRRR)

    Another one is that Muslims are forced to immigrate into the very same countries responsible for their misery. And yet they are treated like criminals … even like invaders.
    You couldn’t make it up …

    Ohgod, Digger – there’s so much to say … but you certainly have written exactly what needed to be said. As always, precious Friend.

    • Thank you Egeria,

      Agree – everyone is a victim in this mess. As you said the other day in the interview “We were not paying attention” A classic quote from you – and so true, while the tricksters played their slight of hand.

      Thank you for all you are doing and your sharp political incites. Thank you for contributing.

      Wot wud we do without Egeria

  3. We know it was all a hoax to create international hatred across the pond for them Moozlims. They don’t even care how sloppy they get any more because they know most people are being swayed emotionally, that old Hegelian dialectic in full play. Gosh dang it but fluoride really works!

    “Look they behead people! Them savages are being imported here now!”

    The dark soul destruction of hatred spews out and ~ unknowingly by many ~ absorbed. It is a combination of ignorance and spiritual unpreparedness. This blackness is currently engulfing the souls of our planet at a frightening pace and each swallowed soul strengthens their power and capabilities.

    They direct that towards hatred, specifically against the one group that stands against hegemony and twist things so badly that the public is left reeling, punch drunk.

    They sow seeds of division amongst their enemies by reducing them to nit picking over things that really are secondary (or thirdary) in the overall battle for existence in which we are currently embroiled.

    Noahide laws? Can anyone remember the Noahide laws? The mad Salafists of the Talmudic terrorists. Is there really much difference in their overall ambitions? Not really because they are branches of the same twisted tree of perversion and hatred. But no one ever hears of the Noahides, let alone that they are already in place in many countries including the US.

    Internationally, beheadings are on a huge increase according to various sources. I remember a few years ago doing an article that involved beheadings in WW2 and it was almost impossible to find any images at all. Even Vietnam… although I did find a few of American GI’s with heads. Now just plug the word into any search engine and images pop up from everywhere.

    The whole thing makes one weep…. the entire tragic scenario. All we can do is keep exposing the truth knowing that men fall asleep in droves but awaken one by one.

    • Gosh, how beautifully put Noor.

      Yes quite – it doesn’t matter how sloppy they get. It’s almost teasing us lot who are ‘in the know’. Like they’re saying to us, look how deliberately sloppy we are going to make it and how most people won’t notice OR CARE.

      The dark soul destruction of hatred spews out and ~ unknowingly by many ~ absorbed. It is a combination of ignorance and spiritual unpreparedness. This blackness is currently engulfing the souls of our planet at a frightening pace and each swallowed soul strengthens their power and capabilities.”
      Such an eloquent way of expressing such a dark area.

      Yes it does make one weep.

      Thank you for contributing

  4. Finally after 12 years the British and American press finally got what they pushed for!
    A real Muslim Domestic Terrorist Attack. You can bet they are going to play it to the Hilt!
    To authorizing more camera’s in England! To Justifying Drones being used America for “Security Purposes.”

    • Thanks for your comment Mark,

      However I strongly feel this was not a real Muslim domestic attack. This was a hoax by the Jewish-controlled authorities creating their hegelian dialectic. With the areas you have stated.

      We can agree on the beneficiaries at least. Cui bono.

  5. michael mazur

     /  May 26, 2013

    Tony Blair wanted the English inundated with Non Europeans to destroy them – yes, to destroy his own kind, as only Internationalists can wish to do. He joined with the Americans in their assaults on Afghanistan in 01 and Iraq in 03, knowing that wars create masses of refugees, some of whom would come to the UK seething with an inner vengeance against white people.
    Both white people and Muslims are Zionist targets, hence Tony Blair’s wish that they be made to grind against one another was being fulfilled, to the delight of his masters, the 0.2% of the world’s people – Jews, seeing as there is not a peep out of more than five of them opposing it.

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