Sweet Poison



“For many years we have been consuming junk food, GM food, denatured versions of food. Consequently we have become sick, very sick indeed. And we know deep down we have to ween ourselves off this poison and begin to start eating a more healthy, natural diet if we are to cure our illnesses and diseases.


But most of us, even though we know exactly what we have to do to get better, we just cannot bring ourselves round to doing this. We have become too spoilt, too ill-disciplined. After all we like our sweet poison. We have become conditioned, habitualised with our negative traits.


Similarly, we have become poisoned with our lifestyles. We are spiritually ill-disciplined. We resonate more to the trance of materialism than spiritual values. We are not soul conscious, we are entrenched in ego, selfishness, attachment and separatism. Consequently most of us are in fear – creating a very insecure society – a very a sick society. 


Likewise with the food; even though in our hearts we know exactly what we have to do to clean up, we have become so enamored in our de-spiritualized lifestyles; the thought of adopting a spiritual existence is beyond most of us. 


Spiritual cleansing is our only solution to this social disease; unfortunately it’s almost as if for most of society, the damage is irreparable.”

~ Digger

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  1. Apparently it takes up to eighteen months to totally break a long-term bad habit. That’s why most diets to lose weight will never work long term. But you can see benefits in even small changes, and baby steps are the right way for most people. Oddly I find it’s the men who find it easier to make a clean sweep and walk away with a complete new lifestyle and don’t look back. Women in general will only do everything it takes when they have a traumatic crisis to deal with. But we are all different – we all have ups and downs – there’s a huge amount of information and help out there and most of us honestly know what we should or shouldn’t do anyway. Just make the changes and stick to them for your own benefit and not our judaic masters who leech off our bad habits.

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