Polite request to ask people to send me on information on anything relating to the subject of FREE ENERGY.

I would like to set a page up on this important topic. I appreciate this is not the root cause of our problems and we need to first focus on this. Why we don’t have free energy in the first place; WHO is preventing us from having free energy. However I still think it needs some level of attention.

So this could be from small scale personal gadgets, to complex industrial systems. Anything on this subject, even though I appreciate it is a huge topic.

Many thanks.

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  1. anon

     /  May 22, 2013

    One of the reasons for an attack on Iran is that they are perfecting a system of free energy, similar to Nicola Tesla – remember the jews murdered him to stop his free system.

    It is said the energy companies know something will come out soon, so are bashing people’s bills like mad to extract every possible penny while they can.

    A freind who is a very bright guy, had a bill in from N-power that was four times what it usually is. He queried this and was told bailiffs were on their way. He spend a couple of days and then told me all the energy companies were owned by the same french holding company, it took him a while to get behind this, but then found the holding companies were all owned by E M Rothschild

    • Not surprising about Iran regarding free energy. This is more of an important subject than we think.

      They wouldn’t have got bailiffs out straight away – that’s not how things work. Anyway, they wouldn’t have been bailiffs, they would have been debt collectors pretending to be bailiffs. And they are all working on fraud, so these bills are unlawful.

      Not surprised Rothschild are behind it all. Good research.

      Thank you for contributing.

  2. Like minds! I don’t have any particular links but you might be interested in the ‘magnet motor’. Howard Johnson (not the restaurant – but a man with over a dozen patents to his name – also developed the anti-skid brakes for cars) developed a motor which ran on permanent magnets back in the 70’s. I had the Science and Mechanics magazine which first published his work.

    I’ve always been fascinated with this principal. The main argument against this idea is that perpetual motion is not attainable because you cannot have ‘over-unity’ – that is, output which is greater than the input, but fortunately mother nature took care of that with magnetism. You already begin with 100% more output than input. So it stands to reason it would work. I’m sure this motor is in the back of an Exxon Mobil file cabinet somewhere.

    I am fascinated with the works of Tesla too. We can thank JEW P. Morgan for destroying him and his free energy.
    I have some other items on the subject of magnet motors which you might be interested in, but I prefer not to post them here. If you wish, feel free to email me and I’d be happy to share.

    Tom Z.
    IL, US

    • Many thanks Tom for the first link. I will look at these. I’m quite ignorant on this huge important subject

  3. Digger, I happen to know this guy name Rastaviharii (he’s an American) who is an expert about Free Energy. I want to introduce you to him. He has facebook but I know you don’t do facebook, I will ask his email and give it to you.


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