Mustn’t grumble

Early Doors. Tommy (Rodney Litchfield). Image credit: Phil McIntyre Entertainment.


lost me job a year a go, can’t seem to get another one

mum and dad both had premature deaths at the hospital

all the social infrastructure seems to be falling to pieces

and there’s social disorder on the streets

but mustn’t grumble

my children have got no hope of a decent future

I feel physically and mentally fatigued these days

there’s nothing but doom and gloom on the news

but mustn’t grumble

can’t afford a holiday and can’t ever see me having one

nobody trusts the politicians, the government

all the authorities are ripping us off

but mustn’t grumble

my country’s riddled in debt 

I’m riddled in debt

most people I know are riddled in debt

but mustn’t grumble

there’s rumors and hints of us going into a WW3

the police are now enforcing martial law

there’s no justice whatsoever in the courts



oh well, looks as if end times are here after all



but hey – mustn’t grumble



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