nice n pretty


Now summer’s here, yet again we can observe the self-centered conditioned materialists; charging off to their local garden centre to consume and consume. In order to selfishly immerse themselves for the whole of the summer in making ‘their’ garden nice n pretty; whilst conveniently ignoring their spiritual responsibility towards others who are suffering in this world. 

I am not suggesting there is anything necessarily wrong in doing a bit of gardening; especially vegetable growing. I am just using this as an example to highlight how dangerous it is to society, the world, that the west completely ignores its responsibility towards others who are in great need. And instead we collectively immerse ourselves in a plethora of selfish hobbies and pass-times, with our full focused attention – whilst nonchalantly contributing towards other people’s suffering through our taxes.


But hey – that’s too heavy for pointing this glaringly obvious fact out.



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