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A comment left on Darkmoon’s site, which may be of interest to readers. I resonate with much of Jack’s words. 


Jack says:

May 8, 2013 at 10:39 pm

Are Jews a race? 


Is there such a thing as a race? Nope.

Recent DNA studies show that skin color is controlled by a few genes, and skin color controls the amount of ultra violet entering the skin and skin color correlates to latitude. You can look and look but you will never find the evil Jewish gene.

What makes Jews repulsive to anything living is what they think, they hate that which is alive and not Jewish, which is everything on the planet that isn’t wearing a yarmulke. So when a Jew approaches you and is plotting your demise just remember that it is how his brain is wired, the Jew is running a program on his brain hard drive, this program makes him believe that he is superior and all else is at his disposal, animals, plants, people, cattle. To a Jew anything outside of its self is a thing to be used, thus the Jews turn love making into pornography, a woman is just a thing to have sex with, any woman not just Jewish women. Jewish women fought this objectification with feminism, they really hate Jewish men and for good reason.


The Jewish program of hate is a memetic complex that is carefully installed during its upbringing, memes are cultural units of information, akin to genes which also is information saved chemically. The Jew is required to read and memorize the text of his books, this creates neural pathways, a matrix of Judaism in his mind.


To become a real Jew you have to be indoctrinated into a hate robot, it takes lots of study and belief.

Persons born Jewish but not indoctrinated have a hard time understanding the behavior of their fellow tribe members, their brains are not hard wired to hate and deceive. Thus many Jews are in the truth movement confusing those who believe that Jews are a race with specific genes that make them Jewish.

Memes can change a person so that it appears that the person is a different race. But Jews are not a race, there are no races, there are different cultures. Any person can be culturalized, a black can be made to act and think exactly as a white or as a Jew. Recent DNA studies show that 95% of the Jewish population in Israel are NOT even semitic or shepardic or from that part of the world. But they sure act and speak like Jews because Jewishness is a cultural program created by the memes not the genes.


What is a Jew? Can’t be a race because race is a myth. It can’t be a religion because ADL says everyone on this site is antisemitic. LOL


A Jew is book type, a fictional being of a fictional book that you take seriously. A Jew is a person who takes a particular book and installs in on his brain 


Your brain is a biological computer, the Torah is a software. It’s a long install, takes years, but in the end the brain becomes “Judaized”.


A Jew is a human robot programmed to act in accordance to the software, the Torah or Talmud or whatever other secret books they have stashed. The program of the Jew is to kill, first hate then kill. Kill be any means, kill by deception. Kill the tree, kill the goy, kill the Arab, kill the self hating Jew, kill the Jew dissenter, kill the Americans, kill the Iraqis, kill the unborn babies, just keep killing because “god” demands this. This god is a meme, it does not exist, it is an invention of the Rabbi.

The Rabbi gets the infected mind to do his bidding. A Christian is a gentile Judaized. The Rabbi owns the Christian, when the Rabbi says kill then the Christian will kill. The Rabbi uses god to get you to do his bidding. The Rabbi doesn’t have the authority to get you to do stuff like killing, but with god he does.

Take the book away, deprive the Jew of his book and he is nothing but a robot unplugged.




“The genetics of the Jew does indeed have some persuasion. But I don’t think we should get caught up in this. Had there been a scenario where a Gentile baby boy was immediately handed over after birth to one of these psychotic Jewish families; having been circumcised and had all that judaic indoctrination – this child would be programmed to grow up to act just like a destructive supremacist Jew.

Likewise had a baby boy who was born from a Jewish family, who immediately after birth, had been handed over to a sane, loving, Gentile family; having avoided circumcision and been brought up with an abundance of love, self-worth and immersed in spiritual values. That child would be a sane individual, greatly contributing towards humanity.

So it’s all about the environment and our conditioning, no matter what our genetics. We become what we absorb on every level.

The genes are just bullets in a gun, it’s up to us, our conditioned mindset – if we decide to trigger these bullets or not.”

~ Digger


A scene from the 2003 film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines



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  1. This is a really valuable insight and a great article, thank you Jack and Digger.
    “A Christian is a Gentile Judaized. The Rabbi owns the Christian, when the Rabbi says kill, then the Christian will kill.” I was mostly unaware of the hidden control of judaism within the history of the Christian churches but you only have to scratch beneath the surface and find the dirt and subversion. It is undeniable with the current jesuit pope.

    • Thank you SG, very true. Yes I understand something like the last six popes have been Jewish, hence they don yamakas. The kings of deception get up to their tricks, whilst we gullible goy play.

      Thanks for contributing.

  2. Jerry

     /  May 20, 2013

    This ignores blood types.

    The different blood types have different personality traits.

    The bulk of present day “jews” are blood type B and this lends itself to superiority thinking.

    While many CEOs are blood type B, overall they make very poor workers. Preferring to have the lesser blood types expend the physical efforts necessary to enrich the company.

    Most of the other “jews” are blood type A and this is a manipulative blood type.

    While this blood type makes a very poor leader, the political aspect of this blood type lends itself to mid-level management activities and clerical.

    Do some research on your own and see if you can find the hidden personality differences in the blood types.

    I think you will be very surprised when you start to see beneath the surface.

    • Welcome to DFT Jerry,

      Thank you some much for this excellent point. As much as I do think this is a valid factor. I absolutely know it’s not conclusive. I’ve heard this concept for decades in regards to nutrition, health and or course mind set. But I’m sorry – it always, always, always gets down to the fundamental principles of programming. Always.

      This cannot be overlooked. What you are essentially talking about is the components of the make up of the robot, not the installation.

      Thank you for your valid contribution.


  3. hegelianchic

     /  May 20, 2013

    Digger: I liked a good amount of your article. But I have to disagree with you on one major point: I am a Christ follower. I am NOT Judaized, Talmudized, Kabbalized, or Zionized!

    In fact, I recognize the “meme” that was begun by Jesus Christ himself, and continued by His earliest followers: In Christ, there is no slave nor free, no Jew or Greek, no man or woman…”. In short, Jesus would agree with you that internalized memes (or thoughts, values, and beliefs) make us who we are…not skin color. I ascribe to this position every single day of my life.

    I would posit to you that it is actually the agnostic, gnostic, and atheist that are “judaized”…after all, it is a very Jewish belief that one is one’s own god…the issue of Jewish “egregore” that they so dearly love, complete with collective self-worship.

    Please don’t paint with such a broad brush in the future. Some Christians are NOT part of the Talmudic/Kabbalistic enslavement, and want nothing to do with such evil.


    • Please re-read article. Not once did I say any of what you purport. You have read only what you wanted to read in this.

      I didn’t write the comment Jack did – as it states. I just generally agreed with Jack’s theme of we become the environment we are raised in – that’s all. That we become what we absorb.

      If you were a true Christ follower, you would embrace all levels of consciousness – and not just your little Christ club. That is entrenched in separatism “IAMism” and a false identity – which Jesus would have none of.



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