“It’s a numbers game”


So this ‘officer’ doesn’t like being filmed. He wants to keep his privacy. He wants to do what he does with anonymity. 


Tough tits officer.

You want, you want, you want. It’s all one way isn’t it.

You WANT your regular job, you WANT your mortgage paid, whilst huge amounts of your brothers and sisters can’t even afford to pay their rent, or are committing suicide because they can’t afford their corrupt bedroom tax – due the criminals you choose to protect.

You WANT a nice career, you WANT to appease your kudos, you WANT to drive around in a special car, with special privileges; whilst protecting known mass murderers.

And you also WANT to keep your privacy, whilst it’s ok to impose on our privacy.

Well tough officer ‘Dibble’, too late, you are on film as a double traitor to humanity. Recorded for prosperity for the sell out that you are. You will be seen in history for your traitorous acts against your countrymen and humanity.

You chose to not think. You chose to allow yourself to become brain washed. You chose to be a double traitor and protect criminals as a career choice – all for your kudos and mammon. So you have to put up with us true bastions of the law (Truth) to expose you for the criminals you are.

This system and the tyrants, you have CHOSEN to protect; are monitoring us, tracking us, scanning us, filming us, spying on us, tagging us, following us, invading our homes, entrapping us and completely eroding any last remains of PRIVACIES AND freedoms we have ——- and you want what officer Dibble?  ………….for us to respect YOUR PRIVACY, whilst you help enFORCE this tyrannical Orwelian control grid ——- Give us a break.

And what’s all this “It’s a numbers game”???? What on earth is that supposed to mean? You look upon your brothers and sisters as mere numbers; to record and catch. Who do you think you are? You don’t look upon human beings as your equal. You think for some bizarre reason you are superior to civilians, somehow better. You actually believe you have authority over other ‘normal’ people.

Get a grip of yourself man.


You have ZERO authority over ANYONE. You are only getting away with what you are getting away with for the time being, under the premise of ‘presumed’ authority – through FORCE and conditioned perception.

You are a human being wearing a fancy costume – and that’s it mate. That’s your lot! Nothing more, nothing special, nothing better.



……unless they give their consent.

and by the way …..YOU DO NOT HAVE OUR CONSENT


How dare you try to impose false presumed authority over others, through your deceptive contract law. How dare you try to trick your brothers and sisters into entering into an ‘unlawful’ contract by getting them to give their ‘legal’ entity (name). How dare you!

How dare you try to criminalize those of us who are doing what is right. What our lawful duty is. What our spiritual duty is. The role what you should be doing. What we are paying you for, as our servant. To protect us from such criminals. How dare you.

We’ve had our fill of you sell outs.

We’re sick of your antisocial behavior.

You sonny, are working under a false pretense. Not within law, but under the guise of legislation and statutes. All false, all part of the Jewish criminal network. So don’t come it on with the “I’ve got authority” image. It’s all an illusion. Deception an perception. And deep in your heart, you damn well know it.

So you care about your children? – Well then stop being a bloody criminal. A criminal protecting bigger criminals.

Officer false authority; when you go home, and your children ask you:

“Daddy, what did you do today?” 

“Well I did my bit to protect pedophile, enslaving, mass murdering terrorists darling. The same demonic mass murderers who are plotting their evil schemes in this hotel, to eventually enslave and kill you. Because don’t forget honey, daddy’s job is to protect psychotic satanists.”

Go home shabbas goyim and spend the evening on line and do some homework; to find out who you are selling your soul for. Here’s a hint ………kosher bagels, yamakas, manorahs and israel.

It’s a numbers game – ha.

F**king sell out.


I am both baffled and frustrated that children with average intelligence are able to pretty much work out the fundamentals of the Truth, just by casually browsing the internet after school. 

Yet our so-called ‘intelligence’ services, and police forces, who we pay to protect us; who’s full time careers are devoted to investigating terrorists and criminals, are unable to work things out. Truly shameful, truly astounding!



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  1. Mitra108

     /  May 18, 2013

    Truly revealing reality, direct, brave, intelligent!!! What more to say. Many thanks!

    • Thank you Mitra, unfortunately this is the level of brainwashing we have to wade through. And to think this is at the stage were we can at least communicate with these useful idiots. Wait a few years and we won’t even be able to do that.

      Thanks for contributing

  2. Wow – that was quite something. Sam 1 Police 0.
    Now I’m worried about poor wronged Alfred – sad stories everywhere.

    • Yes, I agree. I wasn’t sure if to mention that. But I thought I would just stick to one issue. He said it as it is though. The police officer said he’s sorry about his wife – ha ……..well stop protecting these murderers then.

      Thanks again SG for your contribution

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