Civilized World

Broadband is coming ... members of Brazil's Assurini do Tocantins tribe, wearing their  traditional "Cokar" headgear.


Imagine if you stumbled across a tribe of natives who had never come into contact with the modern ‘civilized’ world.

And gradually as you were able to communicate with these people, they asked you the enormous question: “What is your society like?”


Just where would you start?


What one word or sentence would sum it all up?


‘Sick’ – would that be appropriate?


Perhaps summed up: ‘A dying, spiritually-depleted society which has collectively sold out to this artificial entity called mammon.’


Of course explaining this to the tribespeople and how all this came about, you would be bluntly confronted with common sense. And a complete state of confusion.


How in God’s name would you begin to explain how all this pollution and oppression came into place?? How would you outright explain how we all have allowed ourselves to become slaves??


How we have all played our roles in polluting our society with toxins – completely disrespecting Mother nature.


How we have structured ourselves in such a way that certain members of society see themselves as better people, somehow more superior.


How we have embraced separatism.


How we have no real connection to the spiritual realm and only seem to engage with things and sensual desires instead.


How compassion and empathy has been weaned out of us. With the normalization of others who suffer – on our behalf.


How on earth do we explain this to these people (?)


How on earth do we explain this to ourselves (?)



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