I’m useless at retaining facts 


well data really 


just not my forte


what temperature does steel melt at, in relevance to 9/11?


haven’t got a clue


and don’t particular care


what year did the Russian Revolution end?




what were the finite details of Sandy Hook?


denno – clueless


and it’s no real interest to me either


how exactly does the Federal Reserve function?


God knows


and I don’t really care


perhaps I should


perhaps it is much more important than I think


perhaps all this detail, this data collection is important


but I just don’t resonate to this information


even when I do; the facts are gone within hours


just can’t seem to retain this type of knowledge


and these days it doesn’t bother me


because I don’t see myself as a Truther


not really


in fact I don’t think I ever was


not in the conventional sense


always hanging around on the outside


picking up bits n pieces here n there


kind of getting the overall picture


like a child listening to adult talk


knowing the flavor of what they’re talking about


but not really with it – not fully tuned in


sort of in a world of my own


almost as if I couldn’t see the point


as there was always something more important


much more important to focus on


not a Truther


no that wasn’t me


not in the Truth movement


who was I kidding


I’m much greedier than that


I always wanted more 


much more


I want the real whys, what’s and hows?


why – are we here?


what – is the purpose in our existence?


what – is it all about?


what – is this thing we call reality?


how – do we get out of this mess?




spiritual awareness 


that’s what I want


so not really the Truther


not the Truth movement


I want to be part of the Absolute Truth Movement



“It matters not about belonging to the Truth movement – or any movement. The only thing that matters at this stage, is that enough of us fully embrace consciousness – the Absolute Truth.”

~ Digger

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  1. nooralhaqiqa

     /  May 18, 2013

    Brilliant point ~ except, the truth IS absolute or it is not truth at all, is it? Truth is is pure… unlike knowledge.

    • Good point Noor – it was just that I was trying to express that I find I tend not to really resonate with lots of fact finding on all the details of 9/11, geo-politics, history, etc – which of course are all absolute vital elements in the TM. It’s just I’m attracted more to a spiritual Truth/consciousness type of Truth. It was just the best way I could express this.

      Thank you for contributing. Thank you also for your great work


  1. ATM

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