The Look

Isn’t it tough trying to get through to these sleepy sheople. What a hard hard slog it is. Haven’t they done a cracking job on the populace. I mean we know they’ve done a thorough job, when we can’t even get through to close family members who trust us. And long term friends who are in alignment with almost everything we say – but they just wont accept our ‘theories’. It’s soul destroying sometimes.

And of course it’s just mind control. Mass mind control.

It’s so sad that we know in our hearts that even if these people were to attend a three day seminar where they would be exposed to the fundamentals of this agenda; with eminent scholars, articulate well-presented speakers and emotive films. They STILL would go away saying “Mmmhh – I’m not sure about all that – where’s the evidence?” 

They would still continue to be loyal to their beloved kosher Fox News, CNN and BBC and believe every word the polished presenters tell them. It’s staggering the depth of the mind control. It’s almost as if the damage is irreparable.

So ……if these people are unapproachable with hard facts, logic, reason, wisdom, intellect, substantiated data – then there can be only one other option to get through to them

Reverse-mind control.

These people simply need deprogramming.

We have got to get a system set up where we can undo their many many years of programming in a short space of time. Where we can inject some sanity into them, where they can begin the process of consciousness.

I often think wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to deprogram these sheople with just a cursory interaction. I mean just like Darren Brown can do when he gets chatting with someone in the street and the next thing they are handing over their watch and wallet to him.

Of course this is mind control in a negative form, but let’s just say we had the ability to use mind control purely at a consciousness level. Where it would work only for goodness. So for example we could stop someone in the street and ask them the time and ZAP, just with the look, we have them.

Well just as far as their full undivided attention. Then we implant some instructions to them.

You will now devote the rest of your life to learning about the Jewish Criminal Network and then do all you can to propagate what you have learnt.

You will spread the Truth in such a way as to be appropriate for the environment you are in.

You will be a devotee of the Truth and from now on adapt your whole life around the Truth. Eliminating all selfish activities. 

You will not buckle down to threats or intimidation – you shall show no fear as you will have no fear.

You will fully embrace a Divine presence in your life and know that all you are doing to expose the Absolute Truth is for the purpose of serving others – therefore serving The Divine.

You will support Truth tellers in this movement in every possible way you can.

There must be no hatred or revenge towards others and you must act completely within the realms of consciousness. With your aim that every single person on this planet embraces consciousness.



But then it gets better

We could also programme these people to then go on to deprogram others. This way the waking up stage will happen exponentially faster.

So every person they interact with will become awake and in turn, able to then deprogram others.

How long would it take to wake the whole world up?

A week? A fortnight?

Especially if we were able to deprogram and induce consciousness into all the useful idiots working in the media, the police, the military, etc.

Oh to imagine. But is this just a futile exercise, just a silly Truth fantasy?

After all in the military they’re carrying out mind control experiments where they are staring at goats. Just look at the powers of persuasion with misuse of NLP style techniques.

Several years  back a good mate of mine smoked all his adult life and did a 5 hour non-smoking course, where even before the course had finished, he knew he had been transformed into a non-smoker. He went out that evening and it dawned on him he had an altered identity, as a non-smoker with zero cravings. He hasn’t had a cigarette since and has had no urge to either. The power of the mind, the power of persuasion.

So life-time habits and mind control can indeed be altered, just by using simple techniques.

Surely there must be something to this concept of reverse mind control. That we can use mind control for good use – to deprogram our stubborn brothers and sisters, for the betterment of mankind. To save the planet.

Surely it’s worth throwing this concept out there.




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  1. Knowtoomuch

     /  May 16, 2013

    This girl makes me think of ET.

    No, not ‘ETF’, but from ‘ET phone home’ 😉

  2. Well maybe it can be done en masse – “Hypnotist Chris Hughes’ world record attempt to hypnotise thousands of people through Facebook and Twitter in a live online hypnosis session was abandoned (Feb 2011) due to legal reasons”.
    Dream on…. in the meantime – just keep plugging away!

    • Interesting …..there just maybe something to this. Perhaps I should run off with the New Agers to Portugal and learn some NLP techniques.

  3. MJ

     /  May 17, 2013

    “There must be no hatred or revenge towards others and you must act completely within the realms of consciousness. With your aim that every single person on this planet embraces consciousness.”
    So true……
    Hi Digger, may love prevail over the darkness of thoughts, stances, violence.

  4. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  May 17, 2013

    I see that! Kind of like the cover of Whitley Strieber’s book ‘Communion’
    Trippy! She has pretty eyes however!

  5. 1bigcree Shadowhawk

     /  May 17, 2013

    Digger; this is a good message. As expected, you deliver very thought provoking and inspiring words. I will share this with others in the hopes we can use it to the benefit of our collective conscience and our planet (Mother Earth).

    • Thank you again Val for your positivity – as always. Well, you just never know. The ‘stuff’ we throw out there.

  6. Rick

     /  May 17, 2013

    The bible tells of this phenomenon of people being decieved in the end times, it’s soon frustrating though! It’s strange how you Digger, myself, and everyone else who reads your site (and the handful of other truthful sites) saw a little something and said huh… and this small spark led us to the truth of the world yet the sleepy masses see the same thing and just dismiss it! Incredible! Well the bible is right again, why should I be surprised… and that is how it is, very few see the facts. My goal now is to get people to find Christ as it is the only way out. Another truth.

    • Welcome to DFT Rick,

      Yes, why us. Here is some thoughts on this enigma:

      As far bringing people to Christ – great! I just we bring ourselves towards to consciousness – the same consciousness Jesus emanated. Then we don’t get caught up in “my club” syndrome – become more inclusive of others and embrace zero SEPARATISM

      Thank you for contributing.


  7. everyone is allowed to adjudicate themselves in this time of Grace…

    which is about to expire…which is why the Stephen Hawking syndrome flashes with bright lights and shrieks of ANGST from the stool sculpture deity cult compound…

    anyone with a few braincells left working…GETS IT…including more than 50% of all so-called “Jews” who are leaving the “Jewish” state of mind…by


    No one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…

    seriously who in their right mind would want to buy a “Jewish” condo…
    the bottom floor of an outhouse in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…

  8. They definitely are in need of deprogramming.
    Heck, I was there; I allowed myself to be deprogrammed, though. And it was JVP and Democracy-Now, as well as other Jewish and combo=Jew-Gentile orgs who helped me get there. I look at these same entities now, though, and I see the majority of their people will not take it as far as needs be.
    Still, they were a good beginning. For that, I’d say they did their job.
    Good post, Digger.

    • Thanks anne, weren’t we all there at one point or another – and still are to a degree. It’s all one big illusion out there.

      Thanks for your contribution

  9. MM

     /  May 21, 2013

    Most people are sheeple, but why?

    Because, above all, they do not wish to separate from the herd, it frightens them.

    My tactic has been to play on this weakness, and to laugh at their mainstream opinions while feigning apology for doing so, and telling them EVERYBODY KNOWS that their facts are BS. This creates in the sheep a feeling that they are away from the herd, and must get back.

    The Biblical quote tells us that to be set free, we must seek the truth.
    Notice, it said ‘seek’ the truth, not find the truth, because any swine can find pearls.

    • YES MM, Absolutely. I have inadvertently caught myself doing that. I do that when I work on building sites. There is a huge sheep mentality on building sites. All hard men, scared stiff of what others think of them. I often roar laughing and then follow through with “Ohh noooo – you still don’t believe that do you?!” in a condescending tone. Then ‘sometimes’ they sit up and listen. Like their information is old hat. And they are not ‘with it’. Sometimes I say “Oh come on man, move with the times” That sometimes jolts them.

      Good call, good quote too.

      Thanks for great contribution.

    • You’re right, MM. Most people want to be, “in the know”. They don’t want to be viewed as stupid, even when they are.
      Maybe we all need to have more patience, particularly when explaining why their theories are wrong, and they’ll accept the truth a bit easier?

      (Here I am, being Mary Poppins; just a spoonful of sugar, and all….)

      • Call call Mary, but isn’t it a tough one to have patience with these idiots 🙂

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